Monday, March 31, 2008

More than cigarette butts and sad donkeys

Although we've lived in Arizona for 6 years, this weekend was our first trip to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). I'd always had this dismal picture of my mind of barefoot Mexican babies selling me gum, gross sidewalks covered in butts and sad donkeys painted like zebras waiting for a $10 photo opp. Man, I was right- minus the sweet donkeys. I guess that's a Tijuana thing. We actually had a great time collecting shells, drinking Mexican Coke, laying in the sun and eating waaay too many $1 tacos. Brandon admitted to having at least 10. I don't think my colon could handle more than 4. With the drive being a quick beautiful 4 hour tour of the Sonoran Desert, we'll be heading back soon.

Happy to be shoeless and with Mom and Dad all weekend!

He's smiling because he can't get enough of that sweet Mexican polka music pumping up and down the drag.

Rosy cheeks and a sunset to match.

I left the stroller at home. Brooks didn't seem to mind!

Hermit crabs galore! Maybe I'll start my own Kiosk at AZ Mills.

20 weeks and going strong. It's either a baby bump or a gut full-o-cheese.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

All the sexy people

Allow me to introduce my siblings. Fairly amazing people considering they share my same blood.
Here we are in Provo at Carl's baby blessing in February. Aaron- #1, me- #3, Carl- #4 and Laurel- #2

And here, we're dropping off our baby brother at the MTC in December 2006. Elder Dave is the baby- #5 and a baby overall. That's it. Nothing clever to write. Sorry Jenna. Just wanting you to see the family. I suck at blogging. Why am I up so late? Do all you people do this at ungodly hours? I'm not sure I'll last.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love girls..........

I'm aware that complete strangers are going to be looking at my blog so I figure I might as well post something that basically defines me: my girlfriends.

Pris: gorgeous, hilarious, creative and extremely thoughtful

Ellie: sweet, talkative, optimistic and cheerful

Kat: beautiful, perfect, sassy, and hard working

Thera: shy, easy-going, loyal and bright

Fry: motivated, spitfire, brilliant, and amazing

Tiff: supportive, strong, focused and fun,fun,fun!
(I know this doesn't show much of Tiff but it's my favorite picture of us on a difficult day)

James: bubble-ee, tender hearted, loving, and SEXY

Jenna: Unmatched, reflective, unconditional, and nonjudgmental

So it's either yardwork or golf on Saturday's? Whatever works for you babe. xox


BFF. We really have become best friends to the point that I don't even answer the phone anymore unless it's Brandon. No one in my entire life has ever made me laugh harder (except for maybe Jenna). He puts his shoulders to his ears when he wants to run faster, he loves wearing sunglasses/hats/headbands and he's super cool because he knows how to use a straw these days. Oh- I forgot one- we don't mind each other's morning breath. What a dude.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Time Flies

It's already March, I'm 18 weeks pregnant and my baby isn't a baby anymore. When did I finish 10th grade biology? I thought that class would never end! And now I'm 30 years old and blogging. I've heard that time creeps along so slowly when things are miserable, but when you're loving life, it flies. That probably explains it!