Saturday, July 26, 2008

-A new approach

After reviewing my behavior over these past few weeks, I've realized that I complain. Alot. So I feel that rather than the usual whining, my thoughts this week may best be described by a self illustrated picture.

Monday, July 21, 2008

-welcome to my purgatory

I was officially put on bed rest last week because I was starting to dilate amongst all of that fun contracting. Soooo (said in a sing songy way) this week has been nothing more than lying on the couch, watching my house go through demo, ignoring the Battle Royal going on in my abdomen, listening to Brooks screech when he steps on exposed tact strips and watching Lilo and Stitch atleast 5 times a day. Deep breath in...............and exhale.
Here's a photo journal of the good stuff:

1. This is just a sampling of what my entire house looks like. Now, imagine the deafening sound of 4 jet fueled blowers, the smell of a trout baking in a trash can and the feeling of lungs filling with drywall and sprouting mold spores. Home Sweet Home!

2. This is my ceiling. What, didn't recognize it? You will after you've laid on your back for 6 days in a row, praying to the Holy One through it.

3. This is my patient and helpful husband. He loves doing the dishes, putting away my laundry and coaxing me out of my crying hysterics and off my closet floor at 3am. (i wish i was joking)

He also likes to remind me of how badly his canker sore hurts or skin itches whenever I have a contraction. I really feel sorry for him.

4. This is the monkey running wild in the house. He loves the chaos. Probably because he gets to sleep with us in our "less damaged" room these days and wipe snot on the destroy carpet at will. Oh yes- and when Dad does remember to feed him meals, they usual consist of crackers, a bite of plum and some flat Ocean Water from Sonic. Woooo hoo.

5. Well at least I'm keeping it sexy. I think laying down minimizes the 3rd chin I've discovered this week and keeps my hair all tossled and crazy hot. That Brandon is one lucky man.

Monday, July 14, 2008*t

I pride myself on being a fairly optimistic person but I give up. This week sucked. On Wednesday, I spent the evening in the ER because my baby wanted out of this prison cell of a womb. I can't say I blame him. It's getting a little tight for the 2 of us but he's still got 5 weeks until his sentence is up. They gave me a shot to slow down the contractions and as a side effect bonus, made me feel like I could run through walls. After a brief conference with Pris, I was assured that it would wear off in a couple of days. So now, I have all of this crazy energy for the first time in months but I'm not suppose to do anything beyond sitting on the couch and watching every episode of House Hunters International or Intervention. Don't worry, that's not the best part of the week..................

yesterday our house flooded. Our inner courtyard decided not to drain the monsoon bitch slap and sent rivers of Arizona tears under our doors, down our hallways and up into our new carpet. Nothing new sheet rock, baseboards, flooring, paint and probably 3 months of construction can't fix. So I guess it could be worse. Like, if I had a baby during all the havoc. Oy vey.

Amongst all of the drama, rehydrated dog smells and every 20 minute contractions, I've come up with a list of things that I've loved this week:

-InStyle and Phoenix Garden & Home came in the mail today
-Overcast skies giving us another day at our beloved zoo
-My sister
-Watching Brooks read books to himself
-Being one step closer to getting my hardwood floors
-My maniac, rain soaked neighbors
-Watching Brandon get motion sickness when we play ring around the rosies AND
-One high and closed cervix.

Not yet little man

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Burnett's blessing

Tom and Ellie blessed Elizabeth Yasuko today in Gilbert.
Cute parents. Cuter baby. Too hot to be wearing suits.
Perfect photo opp.

Stars, stripes and pancakes

Nothing screams patriotism like a stack of pancakes and a round of golf in 114 degree weather. Right?
Well with this crew- this is how we do.
I'm amazed that everyone's up for a 9:30am party that drags on for 8 hours every year and revolves around gaining weight but really, what else is there to do in AZ? And to be completely honest, it's become one of my favorite holidays. God bless the USA.

Jenna with the Acai juice or as I like to call it the "Sharing way too much personal information" serum.

I love how excited Ellie "The Canadian" gets about the 4th. She wears red white and blue has such organized fruit on her plate.

Here's Calvin, the new munch mouth in the group.

"Sure I'll pose for a picture after eating a million pancakes. But only if I can stand next to Heather"

Mrs. Hodges and Brooksy and Chipmunk #2

The boys- before golfing/corn chips and syrup time.

This is what happens when you're overstimulated and won't go down for a nap until 5.

34 weeks

Some Q's about pregnancy this week:
-Is there a giant spatula that will flip me from side to side throughout the night when I "sleep" so I don't have to do it myself every 45 minutes?
-Am I really going to be able to handle 2 children?
-Does Brandon realize I'm having another baby or does he think I've just been whiney and fat all these months?
-Does my developing baby laugh as hard as I do when he jumps each time I toot?
-Did I really eat 2 Happy Meals at Jonelle's yesterday?
-What are we naming this little boy?
-Do I have to nurse again?
-Will Brooks feel neglected?
-Will he have blonde hair too?
-Can I make it full term this time?
-Should I cut my hair?
-Do Angelina and Brad really love each other?