Thursday, September 30, 2010


enough with the heat already.
it's suppose to be 108 today.
now that's just stupid.
i think it's dumb to live in arizona and complain about the weather but this is my blog and i'm being dumb.
we're bored and even when we go try to do something out of the house, the car ride/ buckling/ unbuckling fiasco zaps us.

this extended summer is depleting the powers of dash, mommy white pants and incredibee.
i'm feeling a serious lack of creativity and have rescheduled most of my fall time family photo sessions.
please forgive me and pray for frost.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


remember this post?
i gave my lester a makeover.
and i love him more than ever (even though he still sounds like a ragamuffin).

Friday, September 17, 2010

-confucius under the willow

team boo issued another challenge.
we were bored enough to accept.
i seriously looooove the other entries.
i recognize that my baby is a bit too big and looks like the american choppers guy.
unintended bonus points in my book.
check out the rest of the defenseless baby entries at carolyn's blog:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

-it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdayyyyyyyyyeeeeee

i'm cleaning out my closet.
i have to get rid of everything.
including things that are nothing more than sentimental objects.
goodbye snowboarding pants, weird round toe beige flats, gem sweater that leslie and the lys personally blessed.
and goodbye 1996 j. crew silk slip-like prom dress.
i'm having a hard time getting rid of this little lass.
i thought i was so different when i wore this to prom and was surround by tacky satin, lace and sequins.
i took all of my bobby pins out of my formal up-do the minute i stepped on the dance floor so i could officially get down to business. (how do you dance without a flowing mop of permed glory anyways?)
it was a great night. i wore a thong for the first time, i slept in the bottom of a friend's boat and i didn't get home the next day until around 3pm. my date was my best friend jeff smith. we were for real best friends- no chemistry or sexual tension. i probably farted in his parent's borrowed thunderbird that night.

but before we parted, i had to have one last dance in my favorite dress:
a barefooted photo shoot with some very confused friends.
they couldn't tell if i loved the dress or if i was making fun of myself. again.
i think both.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

-bzzzzz bzz bzzz

there's a town in az called bumble bee.
someone needs to write a song about it.
19 residents, crumbling buildings, ground covered in sparkling glass, prickly pear and 3 super happy photographers.
jenny hansen is a photographer from ogden, ut. she was in town, i wanted to shoot with her, soooooo- i randomly invited her to come to an engagement shoot i had scheduled.
i'm so happy she's into random drives through the desert with 2 people she doesn't know.
it was a blast. and that's jose on the right.

i love shooting in new spots.
even if i get stung and feel like i'm hallucinating as the tracker jacker venom takes over my brain.

we'll be back for more.
fo sho.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

-what does 24 taste like?

awesome: meeting up with little brother and girlfriend for dinner at culinary dropout in scottsdale.
nawesome: wearing almost the same outfit as supermodel girlfriend and realizing that my 9 extra years of life and the 1o extra summer fun lbs are actually noticeable.
awesome: the fancy carnival food- warm pretzels, monkey bread, burgers, fries
nawesome: not getting to have one bite because of the new detox diet audrey's put me on. my dandelion root tea was not better than the havarti burger.
awesome: my little brother
nawesome: his inability to talk about anything but ironman 2010.
awesome: taking pictures all night with a super bright annoying flash in a nice restaurant.
nawesome: not getting a single focused one of me and the Lew.
happy birthday binker.
i love your face.
and not just because we have identical bone structure.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


yippee for over exposed family mountain pictures!!!!
big bear, ca is for winners.

here's a picture of the juiciest hunk of meat that really knows how to satisfy this woman:

here's another picture of the juiciest hunk of meat that really knows how to satisfy this woman:
and besides the whole labor day weekend excuse for a getaway,
it was fera's firtieth birthday!
(more fun than saying thera's thirtieth birthday)

and NOTHING proves your maturity as you enter your 4th decade more than
trying on a wolf shirt at the zoo, trash talking through a late night game of "up and down" and eating 4 desserts.
and she can kick AND stretch.
video of the festivities to be posted soon.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

-busting out of summer

welcome to town jackie/woman who created jonelle!!

it was fun to get together with friends for our going back to preschool dinner at olive and ivy.
that's so lame.
we actually haven't hung out in a month and neither of us wanted to host and mess up our houses.

here's the nugs:
brody and ade & brooks and breana

we wanted a picture together just the 2 of us and what were we thinking?
our kids can't go 30 seconds without having to grab us with their greasy paws.
this was a great summer.
and i have the extra 10lbs to prove it.
i SWEAR this dress fit me in june.
and yes- i did know it was gaping as i left the house but i decided i was just going to pretend it wasn't that noticeable.
and then i saw the pictures.
and brandon's disapproving look.
no more brownies for this broad.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

-the fam

here's my little boy watching cartoons at the end of our bed with his pal- a little ray of sunshine. quick! grab the camera!!

i love the dust particles......

poor ade.
mornings are so hard for him because he has to say goodbye to his daddy when he leaves for work. and the only comfort he has is his big dumb mom. :(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

-super cute blogger of the universe

(found in the 2008 archives)
this is carolyn.
her blog makes me very happy.
she's quirky, creative and extremely hyperverbal.
lately, she's been an expert on tickling my fancy with pictures of her baby posed like this:
for a good time, visit her blog .
and then you will know the extent of things that make me smile.
arizona lewis loves team boo.