Thursday, January 27, 2011

-my previous marriage

i was once married to my job.
i look back on it just like an old relationship- remembering the good times, pretending the bad times weren't so bad. throw in the stressful pregnancy and so so so much artificial tanning and it was nearly a reality show.
i was a morning show radio personality.
it all ended when i was in preterm labor with brooks and realized that waking up at 3:30am to go talk about paris hilton for next to 0$ per hour was NO BUENO.
my water broke 5 weeks early and there really hasn't been much closure since.
chuck and vince are major loves in my life. we have unfinished business that we try to settle every 6-12 months. they're off and rolling on a new sports show in phoenix (1060 AM) while i'm at home wiping butts and at my finest moments, i'm swigging a kombucha and having "i use to be somebody" conversations with anyone that'll listen.
so there.
that hopefully answered a ton of the questions i've been emailed since my last day on the air in 2007. it actually didn't really answer any of the questions except for 1- yes- i'm heather lewis from the edge.

ps- these 2 chipper chums are the funniest men i know.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

-my kind of party

when i grow up i want to be an 8 year old girl.
i haven't hung out with 8 year olds since i was 8 years old.
this little birthday party was full of super dramatic conversations, mouthfuls of huge teeth and poky little bellies. i could video tape these cheekies for hours and they would never notice or care. it's an age of confidence, innocence , frosting flavored lip gloss and pink shoe laces.

song by Robyn

Monday, January 24, 2011

-i heart my type 1 diabetic

this is such a weird holiday to decorate for.
the boys and i spent an afternoon making valentines and filling dishes with candy.
my brother walked in yesterday and said this about the front room's festive decor:

"whoa- who's having a seance in here?"

i got all defensive and told him the glowing brothel balls were cute hearts and the red glass whore candles were raspberry cheesecake scented.
but he's right.
i'm just a wall of velvety damask wallpaper and a pervy barry white album away from turning this home into satan's champagne room.
and for that reason- i'm not posting a picture of the whole ensemble.
just an innocent cupid serenading a goldfinch and some cliche tissue pom poms i made by following a martha steward tutorial.

and why do i do it?
because this is the season of love.
and these are the men i'm flinging it at:

seriously- i love that man in the very center from the bottom of my fuzzy handcuffs and chocolate coated strawberries heart.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

-another list.

photos by jose de amazingness

things to remember about this great arizona lewis week:
-i got to sit in my favorite chair on the back patio everyday at 1:30pm to watch the boys play. no clothes required.
-a hike on south mountain early enough and just the amount of difficulty to make me feel like an achiever.
-brooks whispered to me while watching Megamind in the theater that the movie "touched his heart".
-the boys found the ultimate insult: eyeball dumpling
-the boys found the funniest thing to say: super underwear
-ade slept through a walk in the stroller, a transfer to the car, a trip to pick up brooks from pre school and a transfer to his bed. (can you imagine being so many places and not knowing it?)
-jonelle's birthday lunch at the Herb Box in scottsdale with butternut squash enchiladas, a gf chocolate lump of something and lots of rocks to throw in the canal.
-found a lost gift card to wildflower bakery giving us a reason for brunch. table for 4 + 1 light sabor.
-woke up every morning to a bed full of heavy breathing, semi sick lewis boys.
-saw the guinea pig asleep for the first time ever and was SO relieved that it wasn't dead when i yelled "You Better Not Be Dead!" into its face- startling that velvet potato.
-sitting here blogging to the regina spektor station on pandora.
-3 great meetings in church where i actually learned something in each one.
-was told by brooks that he loves my new hair (blunt bangs) because i look like his best friend hannah. (a 4 year old in his class. with blunt bangs. why do i keep doing this to myself?)
-4 photo edits of interesting people living beautiful lives.
-bought the boys tiny baskets full of eraser puppies and giant glass marbles from smeeks.
-bought myself gumballs and clark bars from smeeks.
-lots of day dreaming and random late night pillow talk with lew.
-felt the sense that everything is going to be alright.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

-i'm just looking at your ear lobe.

when people say they're a "people person" i've always wondered what that meant to them. in their brain you know.
because i feel that i am a "people person".
but not the job interviewy way.
not in the "sure i love everyone and have to be surrounded by people at all times" way.
i used to think that's what it meant.
now i feel it's more of "i'm genuinely curious about the things in your brain that motivate you to be you" thing.
i could sit and watch people all day. any one. it all took an interesting turn when i received a chinese face reader book a couple of years ago. i never put that thing down. it sits on my bathroom counter right next to my mirror so i can research the meaning of new wrinkles and over night freckles. i'm practicing my new skills on strangers everyday. every single day. i have actually asked people in the middle of a totally casual conversation how close they are to overcoming their father issues after noticing the placement of a line between their eyebrows. totally inappropriate i'm sure but sometimes i can't freaking contain myself.
anyways- photography has helped my further my love for looking at people.
staring at them actually.
this is getting weird.
and the only thing it has to do with the following pictures is that i was invited to take pictures at a party and had a wonderful time. i got to observe a group of people that obviously liked each other. i was the fly on the wall.
so here's a couple of the high lights:
baked brie with brown sugar and pecans.
(seriously. shut up. i ate more than a fly should.)

baby birds cupcakes.

the greatest yellow lab on the planet.

this baby's hair.
(i can't look at this picture without throwing my hands over my mouth and squealing. she's perf.)

my favorite little thumb sucker.

and as long as i'm exposing way too much of my weirdness to the world wide web at 10:18pm here's a couple of shots i found of nick drake this afternoon.
the musician's photographers have the best job.
makes me jealous.
if anyone knows karen o. tell her there's a face reading "people person" dying to take her pictures.

the end.
what just happened?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

-the apple didn't fall far!!

i took piano lessons from ages 5-16.
and i hated it.
i really didn't mind playing i just HATED practicing.
who doesn't?
(besides my super talented older sister?)
my mom would laugh because every time i'd sit on the bench, i'd get a super pouty and disgusted look on my face.
she called it the "piano face".
i'd pull the piano face whenever i had that same piano practice feeling of misery.
-at Fabricland
-waking up for the paper route
-doing math homework
-eating scrambled eggs
-eating oatmeal
-eating cornbeef hash
-pitting cherries
-mowing the lawn
-collecting for the paper route
-making my bed
-cleaning the kid's bathroom

and so here we are now- decades later- and i'm finally seeing a trait i've passed on to my first born. brooks looks and acts exactly like brandon but with one banana french toast protest experience from this week- i can now see that he's got a little mccain blood in him too.

nailed it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


photo by jose de orta
photo by jose de orta
look how focused i am on the job.

photo by ahc (giggle)
best day ever.
i had a photo shoot with jose in bumble bee and audrey decided to pick me up so we could spend the last day of 2010 in a car with music, poetry and a disgusting amount of oooohing and ahhhhhhhhing at the scenery. we ended up in snowy jerome with burgers and beverages.

near the end of the day, after being in the car for nearly 4 hours, we reached our exit ramp for tempe and i asked her in all seriousness if we could just keep driving to tucson.
"we'd get so busted by our husbands"
"for what?"
"not spending new year's eve with them"
"you're right"
"maybe we have to do this lots?"

man- i wish i had a playlist.
audrey is a musical jedi.
maybe she'll be nice enough to post a comment with some of the songs and artists.
i know there was some kid cudi, weepies and a song about getting your titties off my things.