Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whew, time for a blog!

Barf much? After a week of Lewis family flu time, we're finally getting back on track. As miserable as it is to be a pregnant woman, peeing your pants every time you puke, it was incredible bonding time. Brandon and I took turns cleaning up after Brooks and wiping each other's face with a wash cloth. And just when I thought I couldn't love him anymore. So here we are, completely purged and a bit gaunt looking but isn't that so in these days? :) Here's a few hi-lites of the first week of May....

I finished Brooks' big boy bed and man- it's big boy ugly. I worked my tail off sewing, piping, glue-ing, and doing math with gnarly foam salesmen to end up with this heap. I knew it was bad when Brandon rushed home to see the finished product and stood there laughing at me. I was laughing/crying too but at least we've all learned a few lessons from this:
1. Mom is not a smooth seamstress without her mom near
2. Marrying a sexy straight man with extremely gay taste was a WISE decision
3. I need not compete with the supermom blogs. They probably don't know all the lyrics and dance moves to Footloose. FACE!!

So maybe I can't sew but I have one helluva shoe wall. After years of desire, it's finally here.

The weather's been creeping up awfully quickly this year. We're already in "eating popsicles on the back patio naked" stage. I figured you wouldn't want to see the pictures of me or Brandon doing the same.

Jamie's wedding is soon and deserved an official night of craziness and non Tucson-ish Bachelorette party. To answer a few of your unasked questions: Yes, all of her friends are gorgeous and skinnnny (which obviously made me feel great. moo). Yes, I was approached by a very surprised Matt and with his hand on my blossoming belly asked "What are you doing here? Aren't you still pregnant?" And No, I hardly noticed the repulsed look on that other random young man's face when he noticed my baby house after trying to give it a couple pelvic thrusts. Oh the joys of public fertility.

I got to talk to Elder Dave on Mother's Day. He's growing into a real man! Seeing as I only get to talk to him twice a year, we covered the essential topics: how to catch a squirrel, Indian food makes pregnant woman poop, Brandon's landscaping details (snoooooring), people from Maine wearing short cut off jean shorts and aggressive geese. I think Brandon asked him some questions about the work but all I can remember are the inappropriate Heather stories. It was the best. xooxoxxoxoxox

Sometimes I wonder about Brooks' nutritional health. He'll go days on PB&J's and waffles alone. A couple of nights ago, I think he made up for it. He ate more broccoli than anyone on the planet. I finally put the entire bowl in front of him because I couldn't keep up with all the heating and serving. The most amazing thing is I never saw the diaper I was dreading. Maybe he just needed to absorb all the good stuff. I dunno but maybe he'll be on a green once a month diet. ???

Look what came for Mother's Day! She's had a reserved spot in my pantry for years and finally, she arrived. I'm not much of a baker but she's a dream when making Tres Leches. So welcome home little missy. I'm so happy to have you as a part of our sweet toothed family.