Monday, April 27, 2009


I've found some fresh air and I'm breathing it in like it's permanent marker scented.
I've been in a bit of a creative lull. For almost a year now.
But it's all changed. More about that later.
A couple of amazing things that happened this week:
-Ade's second bottom tooth popped through. AAAHhhhhhh
-There was a hot dog bar at Owen's birthday party.
-Brandon cleaned 73% of the junk in the office.
-I'm 27% away from having an awesome office.
-The produce Co-op had mangoes this week.
-Brooks made me dried ziti necklace.
-I hung a dried ziti necklace from my rearview mirror.
-Recipe Club got out of control. again.
-I started a Monday with a totally clean house.
-Dave moved out.
-My food has stopped vanishing.
-Brandon pulled out a nose hair with pliers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thank you and i hate you.

I have a lot of catching up to do. First of all- eff the dentist. I hate all things teeth. When the boys start losing teeth I'm going to ship them to Panama because I will vomit if I have to watch them wiggle their candy chompers. I have reallllly bad teeth (thanks genetics) and have fillings in all but the front 8- my
Show Piece teeth. I'm now in the vanity stage of exchanging silver for white and um -oh yeah- getting 3 cavities and a crown. But wanna know the best part? I received 12 shots of Novocaine because apparently I have a major tolerance to the stuff. My mouth wouldn't numb! 12. I just puked again.

yippee for numb retard smiles!

ade and brody. one of these days brody will be big enough to put an end to the onslaught of face slaps and hair pulls from ade.

brooks and breana

here's a photo from the backseat

and another.

easter may have the crappiest holiday candy but at least the boys are in matching outfits.

and a porky pig picture for ms. broadbent.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

-thanks team boo

are you freaking serious?
wanna know what my biggest pet peeves are?  first of all- people talking about their pet peeves.  and secondly, people that say they're bored.  and not the i'm bored with my mundane everyday-run-of-the-mill-monotony kind of bored.  i get that.  i live that. 
i don't get the "i don't know what to do with my free time" type of bored.
if i were ever to encounter an afternoon with nothing to do, here's a list of things i think about doing everyday and would pillage a small village for the opportunity to have enough time to do:
-take a long tough morning hike on and around south mountain.
-get a ham and brie frittata at wildflower for breakfast
-take a shower, shave and do my hair uninterrupted
-watch every award winning french film on the freezone cox cable list.  it's taken me 3 weeks to make it half way through this amazing little movie about an adorable woman (of course) with a short pixie haircut, who moves to paris and becomes a waitress and gets to know all the neighborhood gossip.  dumb plot.  perfect character development.
-make and mail this year's grandma easter cards.  they might have to be happy 4th of july cards at this rate.
-clean out my closet and i mean reallllly go through that crap.  my feet are no longer a size 8, i'm too good for my entry level knock off hangbags (i've moved from chinatown to purse parties) and when i do get back into my skinny size, i won't want the those hideous zipper jeans from anthro's salae rack.
-update my vision board.  mock me if you will but it has ALWAYS worked for me.
-try a couple of those new recipes that will bring me closer to Quiche Queen of the Universe
-make a paper chandelier
-work poor neglected baby ade's baby book.  that stupid thing is always looking at me.
-scrape off the pink nail polish that was splattered all over my master tub.  (maybe not)
-take myself to a movie.  haven't been in a very long time.  is juno still in theaters?
-layout and get some sort of base for the gallons of self tan.
-read that book tiff gave me 5 months ago.  for the record, i did start it last night and fell asleep mid head chopping scene.
-call my sister and talk without having to discipline our children on the side.
-eat vietnamese.
-go for a run with music.
-lay and stretch for an entire hour.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.
-eat cantaloupe gelato with jenna.
-fall asleep in the tub.
-plan my dream trip to asia.
shall i go on dave?
ps- please feel free to add to the list.  i'm in love with your ways of buying time.