Friday, December 25, 2009

-merry christmas! xox-arizona lewis

i wanted to do our family pictures.
i wanted to do them in our home.
casual, simple, comfortable.
although i looove amazing outdoor settings, i decided to set us up in our bedroom with the self timer.
i worked up a sweat running back and forth pushing the button and keeping the monkeys on the couch.
it was worth it.
this is us.
happy holidays!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

-because i didn't mail it in time

have a very neutral christmas laurel and fam.
i love you and i miss you.

ps- those are napkin rings. :)
pps- i'm totally taking credit for the orange dream cookie recipe you yoinked.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

-best of 2009 (just a few of my favs)

i love taking pictures
here's the good stuff:

-thanks t!nk

i received an award from this gorgeous man.
i appreciate it.
and that he's always one of the first 3 to comment on my posts every time.
now that's paying attention.

so here's my list of 10 things that make me happy:
1. my jewelry collection (50% of it inherited from my grandma mccain)
2. editing pictures
3. brooks's bed head
4. santigold (thanks audrey)
5. white bedding
6. cooking for a crowd/throwing parties
7. chatting with my parents
8. watching brandon make the boys laugh
9. my girlfriends
10. arizona!!

and now i'm suppose to pass this on to 10 other blogs.
but i'm not going to right now.
because it's thunderstorming outside and i need to get off of the computer and lay on the couch with my 3 year old.

Monday, December 21, 2009

-trade for muse tickets

i took a walk in the world of black and white.
and because my subjects were super gorgeous- it was great!
thanks thera and brian for your unugliness and for the future worshipping of the music gods session in march.
we <3 you guys.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

-just what the dr. ordered.

despite the torn up house and borderline sick babies, lew and i had to rally.
big time.
last night was dean's work xmas party and for some lucky reason- we were invited, again.
if i liked my small digital camera i would've had it out for more than 15 minutes to take pictures of the prime rib, my dessert platter, jo's shoeless indian dance, dean's charm, the prime rib seconds, the beautiful decor (you're welcome), tempa's amazing betsy johnson ensemble and the new digital camera i scored in the white elephant gift exchange.

but because i hate that old small camera, you'll have to use your imagination.

(if it looks like he's trying to keep his eyes open in this picture it's because he is. trying.)

tempa, jonelle and me

and when we ran out of things to say to people, jo and i had a flex off in the kitchen while we talked each other into eating carbs.
she won.
the girl with the biggest hair always wins.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

-apparently that had to happen, again.

we are pissed.
we spent our romantic anniversary shop vaccing our freaking house- again.
you see- our toilet broke and flooded the master bed/closets/bathroom, the halls, ade's room and the main wall in our family room.
don't worry, we're pros at dealing with this crap.
because it happened last year and last month.
i think it's from brandon's bad luck streak this year.
he thinks it's from the broken toilet.
we'll agree to disagree.

say goodbye to these freshly laid wood floors.

but say hello to several weeks ahead of living in bat sh*t chaos.

3rd times a charm lew.

Friday, December 18, 2009

-once (that's spanish for 11)

11 years ago this boy.........

married this girl............

and started a little life together.

happy anniversary lew.
thanks for being the hard working, sheet twisting, baby bathing, sushi loving, finger tapping,
patience giving, entertainment needing, closet organizing, life sharing man in my life.
i love you.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

merry titsmas!!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My besty's getting breasties today
And if she wasn't already, she's gonna be hotter than you

Good luck fri!!
I love you and your soon to be knockers.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

-and they shouted out with glee

i rarely post impersonal shtuff on my blog.
i saw this portrait of rudolf and it gave me butterflies.
giddy and weird little butterflies.
just wanted to post it.
that's all.

found here

Monday, December 14, 2009

-last one, maybe

saving the best for last.
this tree makes my heart sing.
mostly because it brings a new meaning to "amazeballs".
i told you i couldn't stop saying it.
audrey let me do whatever i wanted on her tree.
so i made one that i want in my own home next year.

what's better than 1 homemade christmas apron?
2 homemade christmas aprons of course!!
brian insisted on wearing the sexy one.
we were just slicing bread and cutting tomatoes but anytime seems like the perfect time to don the holiday radness.

brooks and puppy boston.
they napped together on and off for 3 hours yesterday.
brooks would shush anyone that walked in the room and then shove boston's head back down.
it seemed to work for the 2 of them.
and completely melt me all day while watching.
if only dogs didn't pee.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

-another glittery post

here's another "*amazeballs" house i was honored to decorate this holiday season.
the home is soooo incredibly beautiful so i had to make big statements in a few areas.
follow me if you please:

this room had at least 20ft ceilings.
so i took a 12ft tree and added a couple more feet.
i also jazzed up the mantel and fireplace a bit but forgot to take a full impact picture.
(oh my gosh. did i just say "jazzed"? i hate myself)
my FAVORITE thing was the furry sheepskin covered hearth.
so arizona wintery.

the tree topper was made with natural tree sticks, gilded cherries and a halo of shiny gold ferns.

there were 14 long wall sconces that needed a little cheer so i bundled them with more of the natural sticks and some holiday ribbon. just enough to warm things up without distracting from the abundance of gorgeous decor.
i also hung dozens of white sparkley snowflakes from the entry way chandelier with fishing line.

this is one of the many enormous arrangements i made.
more branches with natural add-ins from the floral department all anchored in a vase of rice.

and my personal favorite:
turning the pot hooks into a kitchen ornament chandelier.
it makes the room.
i just added a couple of metal lanterns and a beaded runner to finish off the kitchen.

whoa- round 2 of interior decor posting.
how are we doing?
as a reward for reading through this entire boring thing i'll tell you 2 amazing things about myself:
1.) i once had two small green ripening cherries stuck up my nose. so stuck that as a 14 year old girl, i got the panic sweats and started to cry. wish i could remember how i got them out. that information might be useful to someone.
2.) i love mayo more than chocolate.

you're welcome.

*amazeballs- credit audrey call. it has been fully incorporated into my vocab. i honestly can't stop saying it.