Sunday, December 6, 2009

-my bnut

beareth fruiteth-
we've had this orange tree for a couple of years and have moved it to every possible location.
it's been in the inner courtyard this fall and i think it's finally comfortable.
i was walking down the hall last week and noticed all of the oranges.
duh. it's not like they grew overnight. right?

anyways, brooks was so excited when i told him to go pick us some.
my arizona baby picked 2 heavy oranges and peeled them on the spot.
they were so sour but we swallowed our bites anyway.
because they were OUR sour oranges.

cute story #2:
i was setting up little decorations in brooks's room and had him hang the ornaments on his own tree. i handed him the ceramic baby jesus and had this conversation:

me- i like baby jesus
b- yes. i like him too because he can't bite me.
me- um, what?
b- him have no teef.

see, when you're 3 years old, you have to pick your friends very carefully. luckily baby jesus and his gums fit right in. after that amazing conversation, i watched brooks put all of his stars on one branch. so freaking rad.


Sara said...

I think your child has a point. He is also so cute I could just spit (somewhere else, not on him). Those giant eyes and his little oranges make me want to squeeze his head.

Carl said...

This is Devin.
I love Brooks.
He's the best.

Priscilla said...

I love your little BNUT! he's the cutest!!

brian and thera tolman said...

Brooks is such a stud! Love that Jesus-loving boy!