Monday, November 30, 2009

-making my momma proud

i do have a refined, less crass, more polished side of me.
it is very very small. very very small.
HowEvER- when this side does decide to surface, some shocking things come out.
for example:
i was asked to decorate this GORGEOUS home in paradise valley for a holiday party.
the owner gave me 100% freedom.
after about 10.2 seconds in the home i decided on wintery peacocks.
because when i dream about the perfect tree, it has peacock feathers-
in a room with a glittery chandelier,
an over-the-top mantel and
josh radin playing in the background.

this is a bit of another mantel i did in the living room.
i'm so into twigs this year.
i thought it was a good way to tie the 2 main rooms together.

these are some of the centerpieces for the party.
that's rice filling the vases.
i also thought that was wintery.
and delicious.

the owner didn't need much in the bathrooms so i did simple finishing touches.

i'm so uncomfortable blogging about this kind of stuff.
i have a step by step tutorial i put together on how i made my tree.
i may post it but fear i'll lose my ability to tell a good fart joke.
know any good interior decorating sites that might want that kind of thing on their site?
(with a side dish of flatulence?)


Steph Bowen said...

I kinda think your tree is AMAZING!!!

If I were able to be refined enough to have a house like that then I totally would need you to come give me some peacocks.
That almost sounds dirty.
I can't even be refined while posting a comment.
I guess I can't ever have a house like that.

Oh well. Long live the flatulence jokes!

libbie said...

WOWZAS. That is BEAUTIFUL . . . and I'm not even into that kind of stuff. I stick to flatulence only.

Anonymous said...

you are so multi talented. P.S. That Fireplace is HUGGGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MSB said...

Is there anything you don't do...come live with me for a while and teach me...

Sara said...

I didn't understand the size of that place until the picture of you standing ON THE MANTLE.

Sweet mother of pearl!

My favorite part was the bathroom. Is that weird?

Now, go rip one and beautify something else!

Priscilla said...

WOW Hev....WOW...that's all ...oh and maybe WOW again! UHMAZING! sO TALENTED

Emily said...

Seriously, gorgeous!! I'm very impressed! Between this and your *perfect* Halloween decorations, I'm blown away!

Tiffany said...

Heather this is Tiffany, Priscilla's cousin, I hopped here from her blog. You are AMAZING!! You can come to my house anytime. Preferably with some feathers.

ArizonaLewis said...

ahh shucks.
thanks everyone.
wait'll you see the one i'm working on now! i hardly recognize myself these days.
i knew refinement would come when i bought that structured coach bag.

Tom Bailey said...

Standing on the fireplace mantle... I would be afraid mine would break.

You have some great designs.

Aya said...

Job well done!!! You're really good at what you do!

brian and thera tolman said...

You are unbelievably talented and creative...It turned out soo beautiful! You should be super proud! I've really never seen anything like it.

Get ready for all the referrals that are coming in after her Christmas Party...who needs sleep?

McCain Family said...

Come do my house....NOW!!