Wednesday, November 18, 2009

-and now i'm 32

for my major total sweet birthday this year,
this young man and his hair took me to breakfast-

the greatest gift any man could ever give me.
we also met audrey, landon and nash.
audrey's great because she hardly even noticed my 3 diet sodas before 9:30am.
and she knows how to wrestle her toddler (that outweighs her).
but wait-
there were full blown bday festivities before the sun even came up.
pris, victoria, dave and i all ran south mountain in the darkened bitter cold.
maybe it's the old age setting in but i really enjoy a good sunrise.
almost as much as watching wheel of fortune and eating pecan sandies (barf) (that was an old people joke)
but really, i can't think of a better way to enter this next year of life than to be flying down a mountain surrounded by arizona's unlimited beauty and early morning laughter.

the day ended with homemade cd's on my doorstep, a blood red pedicure, new leopard platforms, green mussels and sushi, a blackberry full of bday texts and some loving words from my mother about how much she and my dad love me and are proud of me.
the only thing that could top this year would be new moon on friday and a surprise party on saturday.
shhhhhh. don't tell me.
it's a surprise.


Sara said...

Haha, you would already know about your own surprise party.

I hope you have/had a wonderful birthday celebration! Looks like you're being treated right over there.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! The place you run to looks so beautiful!

ahc said...

hev-you are def loved:)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, reminds me of the mountains that separate el paso from mexicooo, ran those a few times.

anyway happy birthday sweetness!!!!

Sandy said...

happy birthday!
i like to stretch my birthday festivities into at least a week, too. enjoy!

Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet Hev!