Sunday, November 1, 2009

-bzzzz and tears

these are my babies.
ade sat in his costume for FOUR hours.
brooks was in his for maybe four minutes.
both of them made us laugh and wanna squeeze them.
for very different reasons.

thank you halloween for being as chaotic and cavity inducing as i'd wished for.


McCain Family said...

I love my brooks and Ade! They really do just make you want to squeeze them.

That last picture is priceless.

Love ya!

Sara said...

Best bumblebee and best mustache. Hands down.

I hope my kids will let me draw on their faces.

SaraLouise said...

Just found your blog , will def be back.
Please have a look at mine I think you’ll like it

Stephanie said...

the one where Brooks is crying is my favorite! :) He looks SO adorable! Tell him his cousin misses him! Also, I think Ade should wear those leggings every day! haha :) I miss you ALL!

Kenna Christensen said...

oh my gosh. this is the most beautiful post i have seen. what beautiful children. and what a beautiful mother. how wonderful. i adore your blog.