Friday, November 13, 2009


i was smart.
it was a long time ago but nevertheless- i was.
i worked as a coordinator and a counselor for an in home program with mentally ill adults.
i was professional. i had benefits. i wore slacks.
i didn't love it and peaced out when the radio gig pulled me from my degrees and building resume down to the depths of the entertainment industry.

there's only one thing i miss about being smart.
and that would be hanging out with marci herzog.
she's smart. she's fun. she's rock hard. she's pretty great. she's still rocking and rolling with the crazies.
and now she has amazing little nev.
giving me another reason to worship the ground she walks on.

for more pictures of this rad family click here

and because it's friday- enjoy the greatest song ever made.


Sara said...

I don't want to be graphic or profane, but I (insert preferred expletive here) LOVE THIS SONG.

Anonymous said...

what is it in arizona that makes everyone's children absolutely adorable. i am pretty sure its a conspiracy.

p.s. j'adore cette chanson

Carl said...

Great choice for a song but watching that makes me miss Freddy Mercury just that much more