Tuesday, November 24, 2009

-cake punching (in the face)

it's my birthday!!
thanks friends for an evening of sushi, karaoke, pink tights, fighting cakes, queen, sweaty hot rooms, front and back cleansings, lots of laughs and not having to plan.
probably my favorite bday thus far.
maybe next year the economy will pull it's head out and we can go back to nyc and find some other baked goods to punch in the face.
staci, jonelle, victoria and me

tiff, pris, me, jamie, thera, kayla and steph

bette midler makes me feel sensual too.

a bite before the altercation.

queen. no words necessary. thank you.

thers, james and tiffs

and just when i thought i couldn't love tiff anymore, this picture surfaced.
man, i love this girl. (and my circus hair)

jonelle is sometimes too amazing.

and of course the night had to end with this old cougar posing in the bathroom with me.
telling me she wished she had a family of her own.
through her vodka and bubble yum breath.
now that i'm 32, does this make us peers?


brian and thera tolman said...

The hot pink tights are a great new staple for Arizona winters...except you have to be a hot mountain climber to wear them. Dang it

I think my favorite is the The reach-around Pris is giving herself with the words "your my hero" displayed across the screen... so fitting... and amazing.

NarAut said...
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ArizonaLewis said...

reach around.
that was pee-able.

Sara said...

I want every pair of shoes in that first picture.

I hope you ate that cake without your hands.

Anonymous said...

old cougar in the bathroom.

say hello to my future.

(spits out dubble bubble bubble gum)

Carrie Leanne said...

happy belated birthday!!! love the pink tights!

Dallon said...

Dang...I've got quite the wingspan! Love you Hev! You and your amazing circus hair! Happy birthday!

Priscilla said...

Dallon??? you were there???