Thursday, November 12, 2009

-i need more money- for shopping

so so wet behind the ears. (what does that mean anyways?)
here's a couple shots from scottsdale fashion week- aka butt kicker for the outdoors sunspotty one trick pony photographer that i am.
it was a blast.
i learned a ton.
and i'm ready for more.
for a good time go to for more of my pictures and others from the event.

photo by erick lazo 360 photography

bandi panda- oh my gosh this show was a trip.
so much fun and so very unpractical.
the audience laughed with each design.

kevon hall
kevon hall
kevon hall

this show was really all about the hats and shoes for me.
and the shoes.
and the shoes.
and the shoes.
shoes at bebe. who knew?

nostalgic boutique
i could not get over this model.
isn't she adorable?

aga couture by alex garcia acosta

kate spade

kate spade
DYING over the white tights this year.
and yes, i will be rocking them- no matter how fat they make my legs look.

kate spade
my favorite look of the night.
the color combo sang to me.

and then there was this girl for barneys.
the most amazing walk and presence.
i loooooooooved her - and so did everyone else.
there was a literal gasp when she came out.
just look at the crowd.

photo by erick lazo 360 photography
seriously- there was too much to post.
i didn't even include the banana republic, escada, st john or carolina herrera collections.
if you're into it this kind of stuff- click here for more pictures. (coming soon if they're not there yet!)


Anonymous said...

need more money for clothes? story of my life! Just lookign at this makes me want to go drop a k on online shopping haha.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Yeah for you - glad you are having a good time.

Sara said...

I want. I need. Gimme!