Friday, May 29, 2009

-tah dahhhhhh!

i don't know if it's the hair, the new yyy's album or the half pint of avocado cilantro hummus still lodged between my teeth;

but i'm really in a groove.
i feel creatively recharged- like my brain tank just got topped off with serotonin deliciousness.
yesterday, i was at the gym and saw this chandelier in House Beautiful magazine. i have a maaajor thing for chandeliers so i decided to recreate it in a heather sort of way for myself.

i'm hoping it'll go in the breakfast nook.
a) because that's the only wall to house this gigantorr
(it's about 4x5 feet) and
b)because nothing goes better with hummus than a
lovely mess of a painting.

ooooooh. aaaaaaah. new camera at work.

(this is officially the first time i've ever taken a picture of my food).

my dad is gonna be so proud.

-my twin

after reading shanna's (cousin's wife) description of her new hair cut after it's first home wash, i literally laid in bed that night laughing. i kept brandon awake with all the sudden outbursts.

i looooove it when i find something that does that to me.
the last time i can recall was when dwight shrute cut the face off the cpr mannequin and did the silence of the lambs lip quiver. the other was with this video. it will haunt me when i least expect it. usually while someone is praying.

so thanks shanna. even if you weren't meaning to be so amazing. you inspired me to think of what i look like now that the flat iron skills of zac have been washed, rinsed and repeated.

this is what i came up with:

ps- who's your twin.
pps- post a link so i can continue to keep brandon sleepless

Thursday, May 28, 2009

-sick week

ever heard of hand-foot-mouth disease? this creatively named illness has taken over baby #2 and is creeping towards baby #1. cranky babies are oh so sweet but very demanding and draining (see previous post). so for the rest of the week, we're home.

convenient that sick week also happens to be "spend no money for a week" week.
i got my new camera.
i promised brandon i'd eat PB&J's for the rest of my life to cut expenses so we could afford sweet Nikki (i just named her). hope he doesn't realize my trickery because i've been eating nothing but peanut m&m's and nasty lime diet pepsi for the last week anyways.
so today we're hanging out on the couch with sippies full of milk
and Wall-E on repeat-
yes, you caught me- an old long hair picture. still figuring out the new camera.

we're indoor sand boxing-

and slipping on a slide-

but mostly- we're apologizing if any of these fellow nappies or pappies that may feel a slight queasiness from their leg-arm-torso-head exposure last weekend.
sometimes the tres leches is worth catching a lewis epidemic.

ps- teamboo, i still owe you the recipe however..... one of the ingredients may involve going to food city and requesting a bottle from behind the locked glass with a picture of the virgin mary on the label. are you really ready?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

-another artistic summary

sometimes, there are not enough words to accurately describe the joys of being a mother.
for more examples, click here , here or here.
is it time for naps yets?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

-oh snap

ever made a decision you immediately regretted?

me neither.

zac and audrey. my cheering section.

i went back and forth on whether to cut or maintain the mane of insanity i'd been working on for 2 and a half years. once i decided, i walk myself into the bathroom and lopped off an 8 inch long chunk from the back of my head. there was no way i was letting zac talk me out of it this time.

and after spending 15 minutes with this lovely lady at the zoo last week i decided that long hair doesn't make you look beautiful.
you make you look beautiful.
(and so does a spray tan)
(and photo retouch)
(but nothing else)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

-reasons to love summer 09

i'm going to spend many of my mornings hiking here:

a fair amount of my evenings running here:
and i'm not going to be like this:
this summer's sure to be a success
(and definitely less Sonic tots & chicken wrappy)

Friday, May 22, 2009

-Dear Ruby

Thank you Ruby for your kind email. I like you too and I wouldn't be frightened that much if you decided you were gay for me. These things happen in the blog world.

Gayness and kindness.

Have a great dizzle.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

-deep discussions

Brooks: Mom, where's your penis?
Me: I'm a girl. Girls don't have a penis.
Brooks: Oh.
Me: Daddy, Brooks and Ade are boys. Breana is a....
Brooks: Girl!
Me: That's right. Tyler and Colton are......
Brooks: A boy!
Me: Good job. Now, what's Uncle Dave?
Brooks: Hmmmm. A Pig!
Me: (laying on the floor laughing) That's right Brooks!

Monday, May 18, 2009

-concert in the park

what do you get when you cross a mediocre eagles cover band with 11 people that love being together more than they hate their own sweaty crotches?
you get a kickoff to summertime fun. that's what you get.
and some mildly soggy denim capri's.
thanks jamie for the invite. you scottsdale people know all the fancy places to go and things to do. big whoop. i've got a freaking slip and slide. now what?
lewis's, hodges and broadbents x's 2.
my business partner and childhood friend (and calvin).
finding reasons to love arizona one mother fricking rooster boosting, zoo sweating, creative layering day at a time.

and just because laying around on the cool grass wasn't making us sweaty enough-
we decided it was time for some foot races to the 2nd trash can.
(no, it wasn't snowing. the lens was extremely dirty.
i bet the lenses on that wish listed nikon D90 never get dirty.)
Heather vs. Cory
Cory won! Which was the ONLY way i could talk him into racing me. i basically had to break out the bar graph with a history of my past performances and a list of the foods i'd eaten that week. "i'd probably beat you on an 8 miler but i'm pretty sure you'll win tonight".

morgan vs. brandon
brandon won but only because he leaned on morgan the whole time to keep from falling.
either way he wanted props for it in the car on the way home.

mommy vs. brooksy

mommy won! no matter how many times we had to rematch.
he would've eventually worn me down.
but with all the tantrums this week, i had to regain dominance.
peeing on him didn't work.

and finally- brandon swears that it's impossible to keep his eyes open for flash photography.
reminds me of something. luckily, we figured out a way to help him overcome his disability.
P.S. concerts held all summer at Stillman McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

-life is rad

if i had to come back as a different person, i would come back as me, again. but this time, i'd eat less sonic during the pregnancies and skip that whole blond baby bangs phase. other then that, i'm feeling pretty loved these days. (aaaaahhhh. kick my feet up on the desk, cross my fingers behind my head and take a long puff from my crooked pipe).
brooks is the two-ist two year old. despite his public trantrums in target and continual beat down on the baby, i love the independence of this stage. and the nonstop questions.
mom, where you goin?
mom, wha you doin?
joy baby. army crawls around the house calling for me and
has decided to start sleeping through the night.
crap. did i just jinx it?

it's popsicle time again. ade will realize how fun it is when he finds the stick and puts an end to the frost bite. and when he realizes that he gets to be naked for a half hour nightly which is why this special time should change it's name from pop pop time to all access weiner time.

the bulge is melting. slowly but surely.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

-diet pepsi is baaaaaad for you

can't stop laughing. want more?
an hour i'll never get back

Sunday, May 10, 2009


today, i got everything i wanted.
-time to blog
-a plate of nachos
-a full hour to read the best book about cathedrals and rape ever written
-a nap with brooks
-brandon hardly complaining about watching ade while i did all above
-and confirmed plans to go to mickeyhell with my fam their awesome grandma in 4 weeks!!!
about my mom.
my entire life she's fed my head with all these crazy ideas.
she told me that i was amazing and smart and unique and important and a blessing.
she told me i that anything i wanted to do, i'd be great at.
she told me that being myself was more than good enough.
it was outstanding.
she told me that i had the ability to figure out any challenge. and handle it.
she told me my potential was limitless.
she still tells me all of these things and
that she loves me too.
and someday. i pray that my boys think i'm as kooky as her for the same reasons.

happy mother's day.
i hope i always think of this stage as one of the happiest.

-pretty ugly

happy birthday dinner for jamie, jordan and tom (even though he was absent). the 6 course rustic italian with a private chef in a restaurant to ourselves would have been perfect if the burnbents were there and had we chosen to exercise a little restraint in the porking out department. the only thing more humiliating than noticing your gut spilling over your $13 XXI grey skinny jeans would be posing for pictures that you know are going to be posted on the world wide web. friends, you are the best.

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