Saturday, May 23, 2009

-reasons to love summer 09

i'm going to spend many of my mornings hiking here:

a fair amount of my evenings running here:
and i'm not going to be like this:
this summer's sure to be a success
(and definitely less Sonic tots & chicken wrappy)


Julianne said...

Call me when you go hiking , I want to join, not sure about the legs are half as long as yours, I don't think I could keep up.

DJCK incorporated said...

You need to show a picture of what you'll do this summer between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., namely hole up in your air-conditioned cars and house as survival from the merciless freakin' Phoenix sun! Truly, truly, a frightening place to live (not to mention the kidnap capital of the western hemisphere right now). Sorry. However, their football team is outrageous! Love the long-haired wide receiver than kills the Seahawks every year with spectacular plays. And, of course, we loved the Morning Ritual years ago.

Lucrecia said...

Sounds like my summer plus some lungepoles and kettlebell, minus the cactus and dry heat:) You look absolutely gorgeous in that last picture!

Brooke said...

Gosh Arizona is so awesome, cause its so different! Freaking love your blog! Amazing.

ahc said...

was sure you would have pics of the new do up.where or where?