Friday, May 29, 2009

-tah dahhhhhh!

i don't know if it's the hair, the new yyy's album or the half pint of avocado cilantro hummus still lodged between my teeth;

but i'm really in a groove.
i feel creatively recharged- like my brain tank just got topped off with serotonin deliciousness.
yesterday, i was at the gym and saw this chandelier in House Beautiful magazine. i have a maaajor thing for chandeliers so i decided to recreate it in a heather sort of way for myself.

i'm hoping it'll go in the breakfast nook.
a) because that's the only wall to house this gigantorr
(it's about 4x5 feet) and
b)because nothing goes better with hummus than a
lovely mess of a painting.

ooooooh. aaaaaaah. new camera at work.

(this is officially the first time i've ever taken a picture of my food).

my dad is gonna be so proud.


Sandy said...

i love it, it's gorgeous!
welcome to the food picture taking club. you will graduate when you start doing it in restaurants.

Julianne said...

nicely done my dear.

Carolyn said...
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DJCK incorporated said...

Coincidentally, I was making a screen saver disc for work, going through my old photos and realized how much I adored the food in the places I went--crab cakes in Maryland, cajun in Two Sisters in New Orleans, David eating blue crabs in Washington D.C. Not just a load of shots of my oldest (wink, wink) kid (those were the days of packed photo albums) and meaningless buildings and panoramic shots nobody looks at a second time--long live hummus!

Carl said...

Did you really paint this? When did you start painting? I am serious, I never knew you possessed this talent. Looks great Heather and I love the frame you put it in.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Looks great - I've got to call you.