Monday, May 18, 2009

-concert in the park

what do you get when you cross a mediocre eagles cover band with 11 people that love being together more than they hate their own sweaty crotches?
you get a kickoff to summertime fun. that's what you get.
and some mildly soggy denim capri's.
thanks jamie for the invite. you scottsdale people know all the fancy places to go and things to do. big whoop. i've got a freaking slip and slide. now what?
lewis's, hodges and broadbents x's 2.
my business partner and childhood friend (and calvin).
finding reasons to love arizona one mother fricking rooster boosting, zoo sweating, creative layering day at a time.

and just because laying around on the cool grass wasn't making us sweaty enough-
we decided it was time for some foot races to the 2nd trash can.
(no, it wasn't snowing. the lens was extremely dirty.
i bet the lenses on that wish listed nikon D90 never get dirty.)
Heather vs. Cory
Cory won! Which was the ONLY way i could talk him into racing me. i basically had to break out the bar graph with a history of my past performances and a list of the foods i'd eaten that week. "i'd probably beat you on an 8 miler but i'm pretty sure you'll win tonight".

morgan vs. brandon
brandon won but only because he leaned on morgan the whole time to keep from falling.
either way he wanted props for it in the car on the way home.

mommy vs. brooksy

mommy won! no matter how many times we had to rematch.
he would've eventually worn me down.
but with all the tantrums this week, i had to regain dominance.
peeing on him didn't work.

and finally- brandon swears that it's impossible to keep his eyes open for flash photography.
reminds me of something. luckily, we figured out a way to help him overcome his disability.
P.S. concerts held all summer at Stillman McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale


Broadobalds said...

Thanks for photoshopping out my peekaboo underoos. At the beginning of the night, they were hidden, but then the heat and sub sandwiches make fabric stretch.


Carl said...

I am glad that you pointed out that your lens was dirty. Otherwise I would have thought the area was haunted because of all the floating orbs. Oh man, I need to stop watching Ghost Adventures.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

i so don't miss Arizona.

ArizonaLewis said...