Sunday, May 10, 2009


today, i got everything i wanted.
-time to blog
-a plate of nachos
-a full hour to read the best book about cathedrals and rape ever written
-a nap with brooks
-brandon hardly complaining about watching ade while i did all above
-and confirmed plans to go to mickeyhell with my fam their awesome grandma in 4 weeks!!!
about my mom.
my entire life she's fed my head with all these crazy ideas.
she told me that i was amazing and smart and unique and important and a blessing.
she told me i that anything i wanted to do, i'd be great at.
she told me that being myself was more than good enough.
it was outstanding.
she told me that i had the ability to figure out any challenge. and handle it.
she told me my potential was limitless.
she still tells me all of these things and
that she loves me too.
and someday. i pray that my boys think i'm as kooky as her for the same reasons.

happy mother's day.
i hope i always think of this stage as one of the happiest.

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ArizonaLewis said...

i hated seeing the 0 comment declaration on my favorite blog i've ever written about my favorite person that birthed me.
so here's a comment to you heather from me, heather. keep up the blogging and man- you have nice tits.