Wednesday, May 20, 2009

-deep discussions

Brooks: Mom, where's your penis?
Me: I'm a girl. Girls don't have a penis.
Brooks: Oh.
Me: Daddy, Brooks and Ade are boys. Breana is a....
Brooks: Girl!
Me: That's right. Tyler and Colton are......
Brooks: A boy!
Me: Good job. Now, what's Uncle Dave?
Brooks: Hmmmm. A Pig!
Me: (laying on the floor laughing) That's right Brooks!


Carl said...

seriously can't stop laughing! Thanks!

Lucrecia said...

I love those talks! Just wait until your boys start asking you how babies get out of their Mom's tummy. That's a fun one! Especially when they're smart enough to know when you're skirting!:)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Was Dave there? Izzy used to distinguish by hair and clothes. Her and Grade had a hard time with Adam Lambert figuring him out.

Carolyn said...


i've GOT to meet this kid.

and dave too, apparently.