Wednesday, October 29, 2008

-my humor

The 3 funniest things I'm aware of:
1. Animals wearing shoes
2. Girls getting kicked in the crotch -and-
3. Babies with moustaches

(thanks tiff for the awesome party that supplied the perfect opportunity for such a picture. and thanks jules for scrapping and posting with great haste).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

- yo shorty. it's yo birfday

1 boy turning 2
1 girl turning 2
2 moms that have no business putting
so much effort and energy into a kid's party
the greatest birthday party EVER!

"we're laughing because we're too tired to cry"
breana, jonelle, brooks and crazycakes

happy mushed turd underfoot brooks

does anyone see anything wrong with me rewrapping half of these gifts and saving them for christmas? because i did.

no better gift than the opportunity to break your neck in a blow up castle

cute little ass

brooks in his element

my new best friend

look! we even had chipmunks there too!

you've never partied until you've partied with a shoat.

my guys

-what the f...arm?

beautiful arizona weather? oh, there you are, and it's about time. finally, i can partake in my 3 favorite things:
1. saturday brunch
2. being outside
3. saturday brunch while being outside

yesterday we all (baby included) slept in until 9:30. despite the unorganized garage, unplanted texas ebony trees, unfinished baby announcements and un-everything else we had to do, we took off for an awesome morning at the farm at south mountain. either i'm overly easy to please, or this is one of the greatest places ever. there's just something so cool about sitting under gigantic pecan trees, watching my toddler chase grasshoppers while eating a curry turkey salad sandwich. and yes, this is my 2nd dream-like post about the farm. whateve's.

No one has ever been more excited about a canine in holiday attire. this boy el oh vee ee's dogs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

-Life in the clouds

our little Ade. too many feelings, not enough words. he's experiencing life in that new and sweet little body yet I feel I'm growing the most.... as if I've been lifted off this Earth and back into the clouds to learn more about myself and all things beautiful about being a family.

my very talented friend, carolyn wells, took these pictures of Ade a couple of weeks ago. she wanted to do the shoot in our home to make it as natural and comfortable as possible. smart. the pictures turned out beautiful and when i look at them, i think of our home. which just so happens to be my favorite place on the planet these days.

mom's eye view

Sunday, October 19, 2008

-reality check

today was one of those weird, self evaluating days. as I was sitting at church with my ultra hip and super fresh friends, tiff and julianne, i became suddenly aware of the large number of new faces sitting amongst us. one hot new young couple tickling each other's backs, another speaking from the pulpit and a suuuper young blonde giving the closing prayer.

not sounding weird yet? well, it became odd when i realized that the part that bothered me wasn't that i didn't know who they were but.... they all knew each other. this new crop of cute newlyweds in church were probably getting together for couples' dates like late night movies and dinners. doing things married people do before children. fun right? i loved those days however, i'm not writing this because i'm wanting to go back or even be invited to the get togethers. (btw- i'm kinda a grandpa these days. supper at 5:30pm and in bed by 8. you have to call it supper when it's that early. oh, and i like to complain about the weather too). what was i saying?

oh yes. the main problem. here we go. i realized i'm one of those older chicks in the ward with kids that the newbies probably don't care to get to know. i remember being in that position. it was hard talking to mothers about my job because i didn't even know if they'd ever had a job. and i certainly didn't know what to ask a mom about her life with the kids. being a stay at home mom seemed sooo foreign to me and highly undesirable back then. it really was one of those "i wish i knew back then what i know now" moments.

i love being home with brooks and ade but besides that, i'm a freaking interesting person. right? i know most of my current conversations include stories about sleeping schedules, teething, easy recipes or new crafting projects but............. oh crap, nevermind. i was a freaking interesting person. :)

i guess it's time i drop my perceived stereotypes of other moms. being a mom is a lot more of an identity overcoat than i realized. and here i am once again realizing how much more of a real personmy own mom is. this post is going on and on and my brain has been sucked out by my nursing baby, so hopefully it's making some sense. has anyone else had one of these reality checks besides me? please share..

Friday, October 17, 2008

-my parents are cooler/nuttier than yours

My dad is so worried that I'm going to make him look like a total dweeb in this post. Don't worry DJ. I think it's perfectly normal to take off to the EndOfTheWorld, Washington to drive your vampire obsessed wife on a tour of sites that would make only a hormonally charged 15 year old girl's heart go pitter patter. I mean, how could you live the rest of your life without the deep philosophical conversations, while driving in the pouring rain, like this:

Mom: "Do you know what happens to vampires when they're exposed to sunlight?"
Dad: "um, they die?"
Mom: "No, no. That's just a myth. They sparkle."

Forks High School

Bella's Gottschalks in Port Angeles

First Beach in La Push. Where Bella first met Jacob. (sigh. heart shaped pupils. go team jacob)

I really love you two. A lot.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

-Happiness in October is............

Seeing my family for a baby blessing with all of their babies.............

Having a sister that poses more than I do...........

Figuring out a way to carry your birthday tic tacs without using a hand........

Making sure we had complete coverage on documenting a 2 year old's morning......

A toddler knowing to fold his arms with a mouth full of home grown banana and a tattoo of Lezlie and the Lyes...............

Realizing the blank stare, personalityless newborn stage is over................

Having this guy for a Father in Law................

Not noticing the state of disarray your friend is in when playing at the end of the day..........

Listening to your Grandma's train conductor voice................

Being cuter than a pumpkin................

Hanging out with the chick that made this shirt...................

Although looking it, not feeling dead in the morning................

Blowing out your candles on your special birthday Ikea icecream cone..........

Hugging a goat.........

Calling my children "the boys"....................

Taking our first family picture..................

A floor length peach skirt and some Cafe Rio on the side...................

Tuesday, October 7, 2008