Thursday, October 23, 2008

-Life in the clouds

our little Ade. too many feelings, not enough words. he's experiencing life in that new and sweet little body yet I feel I'm growing the most.... as if I've been lifted off this Earth and back into the clouds to learn more about myself and all things beautiful about being a family.

my very talented friend, carolyn wells, took these pictures of Ade a couple of weeks ago. she wanted to do the shoot in our home to make it as natural and comfortable as possible. smart. the pictures turned out beautiful and when i look at them, i think of our home. which just so happens to be my favorite place on the planet these days.

mom's eye view


Lucrecia said...

Beautiful! I love the first picture. I wish I had taken one of Hudson like that when he was still cuddly. These turned out so great!

libbie said...

love them! And I love the couch too!

Laurel MacD said...

Oh, Heather. Beautiful. Cuddle that little Ade all he wants.

Wagars said...

Enough with the porn I thought this was a family blog!