Friday, October 17, 2008

-my parents are cooler/nuttier than yours

My dad is so worried that I'm going to make him look like a total dweeb in this post. Don't worry DJ. I think it's perfectly normal to take off to the EndOfTheWorld, Washington to drive your vampire obsessed wife on a tour of sites that would make only a hormonally charged 15 year old girl's heart go pitter patter. I mean, how could you live the rest of your life without the deep philosophical conversations, while driving in the pouring rain, like this:

Mom: "Do you know what happens to vampires when they're exposed to sunlight?"
Dad: "um, they die?"
Mom: "No, no. That's just a myth. They sparkle."

Forks High School

Bella's Gottschalks in Port Angeles

First Beach in La Push. Where Bella first met Jacob. (sigh. heart shaped pupils. go team jacob)

I really love you two. A lot.


Lucrecia said...

OM%G! That is awsome! Your parents are definately cooler than mine. They're cooler than me too. I am SO on Team Jacob. Love him. Love.

McCain Family said...

wow. I remember this conversation and I remember laughing really hard at it. I sure do love CK and her adorable imagination. And give it up for DJ for humoring her with it. I really think those guys are great!

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

It's just like I pictured it in my dreams....

I love vampire stories about burning loins.