Wednesday, October 29, 2008

-my humor

The 3 funniest things I'm aware of:
1. Animals wearing shoes
2. Girls getting kicked in the crotch -and-
3. Babies with moustaches

(thanks tiff for the awesome party that supplied the perfect opportunity for such a picture. and thanks jules for scrapping and posting with great haste).


Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

He looks like a little maestro. So I can wait to catch up. Just found out I'm traveling again through next week but can we PUH-LEASE hang out sometime the first weekend of Nov? I will skip relief society to make it work if that's the only time you have. Seriously. I won't even look back. I hate their smugness and their fups anyway.

Carl said...

Isn't this a little Angela-esk from the office? Next thing I know you're going to put a mini saxophone in his hands with a tie and a rimmed hat.

Carl said...

Oh and she does love animals with shoes on. I remember when the movie Air Bud came out she only wanted to see it because the dog wears basketball shoes.

ArizonaLewis said...

i swear, my humor is original to me. perhaps she just has excellent taste?

Tiff G. said...

So effing cute!!! Was that inappropriate?

ArizonaLewis said...

shit no.

Newsletter said...

Frankly, I've always been a BIG fan of your sense of humor! :)

AND - so thrilled to find you in blog world!! I just found Mariah through Libbie, and now you!

You crack me up - always.

~Heather (Morris)