Wednesday, October 1, 2008

-Things I Heart this week

Either the hormones are lifting or life has gotten easier this week. My clouded vision is clearing up and I'm feeling a little more like myself these days (a chubby, unfunny version- but we'll take her anyway). I can see some baby routines forming, which is awesome, even though part of it makes me wake up at 5am everyday. Why fight it? Brooks is still asleep, I can work on one of my 80 million projects and I have the computer to myself giving me plenty of time to blog stalk. (btw- i've found some old friends/boyfriends to spy on. don't you LOVE that!)

So, here's to the short list of things I Heart this week:

-The zoo was not 110 degrees. I'm a little too obsessed with the zoo. Last winter, we went twice a week. I grew up in a place where there was no zoo. How did I make it through childhood without elephants, monkey houses, 5lb bags of kettle corn, the crazy patriotric fat man in a jazzy chair following me around and pretending he's a tour guide while pronouncing all his words without the R sound. (No thank you sir. I already know where to find the zebwas and owangutans). Mock me if you will but while you're at it, will you please pick some of the giraffe's hay outta my hair?

-The power of the popsicle. My little man loooves pop-pops. He will stop dead cold in the middle of a tantrum if I bribe him with the P word. The only problem is they're such a mess. He's usually only allowed to eat them naked in the backyard.....frankly, I think this is why it's become his favorite treat. And let's be honest. Don't most things taste better when you're in your backyard naked?
"Here Mom. Hold this while I take off my shirt."

-My husband has learned how to use the sling. My developing scoliosis thanks him.

-Brandon's inability to take a picture. As a photographer's son, I'm amazed that the picture bug didn't rub off on Brandon. I'm responsible for the family's visual archive which explains all the self portraits taken at a lanky arms length away. I love this because you miss out on the extra pudge these days. However, come training season, he better warm up that shutter button finger to document what exactly I had to do to get back into my TR's.

-Last of all. I really Heart chubby baby thighs.


Carl said...

We have all the chubby baby thigh you need up here in Utah! You really do have a cute family and it scares me how much your naked picture of Brooks looks like a naked picture of Hayden we have. Creepy! Well glad to see that you have pulled yourself out of the black abyss that is postpartum. We like this Heather a lot more. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks!

Lucrecia said...

Okay, I knew you were familiar. Even my husband recognized you and he has the WORST memory! So glad to have you as my blog friend:)

hizznizzle said...

those baby thighs are the best!! I love love the zoo too, especially the kettle corn! I love getting out after having a baby.

Wagars said...

Wow. You were totally serious about the early morning blogging thing. 6:18 am, impressive. I can't wait to see those chubby baby thighs...and I'm excited to see Ade too!

Kat said...

Ah, he's looking so big! (Ade, I mea- and Brooks too) :) I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I've been wondering how you are. I now work 12-9, so it kinda sucks. it will be 100-1000 once daylight starts in Nov. I'll have to stop by on my way one of these mornings and say hi

Laurel MacD said...

Six days and I'm on a plane!

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Oh my goodness! Ade's thighs really are amazing. They've grown a lot in 2 short weeks.

Can't wait to meet you at the zoo. Tell jazzy chair I want a tour.

brian and thera tolman said...

Glad you are feeling better. You look great! I agree with Brooks, I love popsicles too!