Monday, February 23, 2009


nothing like an EnoRMouS suite at the Hilton, all you can eat king crab legs and grandma's red purse full of toys to get you back onto the right track. we spent the weekend with my brothers and the baby cousins in Vegas and gosh darn- it was Totally worth giving both of my babies the black lung.

yes, some people take their tender little innocent children to the flourishing-pitre-dish-of-a-town and we had the parade of strollers to prove it. thank you smut town for toning the pirate battle by adding the singing whores, putting stars over the nipples on your porn cards and having plenty of sidewalk urine flavored elevators. spending QT with my long lost family was just the cherry on top of this herpes sunday.

All kidding aside, we loved the entire weekend. my parents felt that brando and i would need some spa time together and gave us some amazing facials/massages for xmas gifts. my mom and dad are officially the bumble to my bee. as i sat in the relaxation room with my cup of tea and a warm neck roll, i actually started to cry. it was much better than my wedding day. much, much better. brandon like it too, but i'll need to teach him how to talk in a quite voice and to close his knees when he's in a robe.

here's a little photo diary to keep the memory fresh (sans the nicotine) for years to come.

the real reason we went was to see dave on his first billboard. congrats dave! you made it.

the orchid garden at the bellagio. my fav.

if both the boys are eating..... that means i'm eating. in the seated position. with linens on my lap. we love our daddy!

my mother is straight cash homie

the aquarium at mandalay bay.
hello there brandon. allow me to introduce myself. i'm heather, your wife and i love being with you.
brooks found the hour wait at the hoover dam and a can of pringles to be very relaxing.

thanks mom and dad! we loved seeing you all and can't wait for the next adventure.
ps- laurel, wish you were here. dodging h.i.v. all weekend just wasn't the same without you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

-joy from the rut

hellllooooo! hi, it's me. down here. waaay down here. i've been in this rut for a couple months now and i'm glad you still recognize me. where to begin? i literally feel like i'm the support crew from the trenches for all of these men i'm living with. i'm either nursing & holding the baby or stimulating a very busy 2 year old. and then there's encouraging and prodding an RM brother or supporting an overly stressed businessman husband in a not so business friendly economy. let it be documented that there are literally weeks where the majority of my time is spent keeping the dirty dishes from molding, muddy butts from rashing and these 4 men of mine from having absolute break downs.

i feel like a different woman. and i like it.
because amongst all the chaos, i'm happy. very very happy. i'm usually disheveled and have pretty much jumped off the vanity bus altogether. and it's ok. i've discovered the hair color aisle at CVS and let my $8 go wild every 3 weeks. i've let go of my obsession with being the center of attention and really love the view from seated position in the curtains. i really love parenting with brandon. i feel like my time with the boys is so meaningful and i try to be present when i'm with them. i really love brandon. although he's the quieter one around here, he's keeping this ship afloat and doing it in the most brilliant, brandon ways. we don't celebrate us ever but freaking out while watching Lost together and the occasional high-5 after sex keeps the fiery furnace of burning love ablaze.

so there. life is great in its' own mundane way and one of these days, i'll have something to brag about............unlike my finish time in this weekend's 10K.

and here's another one of these. it never gets old. ever.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


besides nothing, here's-
5 good things about the Superbore:
1. i like kurt warner's peppered hair and i want to lick his big white teeth.
2. dueling crockpots full of cocktail weiners
3. chats about running, fertility, moving, hair, babies, nyc and dave's dating career
4. brooks and calvin finally finding something to do even if it was playing in a dog cage
5. suffering through an evening to earn our girls oscar's party. we'll make sure it's just as fun for the guys- returning the favor. wink.
-and one more for free-
6. watching cory and jordan embrace in the gayest hug ever after a cardinal's touchdown.

wow. don't they look like a ball of fun?

here's our spousal support.

ok. i'll be honest. there are too many comments to make about this picture however, they are way too inappropriate for even my standards. i'd love to hear any of your suggestions in the comment section. please, hold nothing back, jenna.