Monday, February 23, 2009


nothing like an EnoRMouS suite at the Hilton, all you can eat king crab legs and grandma's red purse full of toys to get you back onto the right track. we spent the weekend with my brothers and the baby cousins in Vegas and gosh darn- it was Totally worth giving both of my babies the black lung.

yes, some people take their tender little innocent children to the flourishing-pitre-dish-of-a-town and we had the parade of strollers to prove it. thank you smut town for toning the pirate battle by adding the singing whores, putting stars over the nipples on your porn cards and having plenty of sidewalk urine flavored elevators. spending QT with my long lost family was just the cherry on top of this herpes sunday.

All kidding aside, we loved the entire weekend. my parents felt that brando and i would need some spa time together and gave us some amazing facials/massages for xmas gifts. my mom and dad are officially the bumble to my bee. as i sat in the relaxation room with my cup of tea and a warm neck roll, i actually started to cry. it was much better than my wedding day. much, much better. brandon like it too, but i'll need to teach him how to talk in a quite voice and to close his knees when he's in a robe.

here's a little photo diary to keep the memory fresh (sans the nicotine) for years to come.

the real reason we went was to see dave on his first billboard. congrats dave! you made it.

the orchid garden at the bellagio. my fav.

if both the boys are eating..... that means i'm eating. in the seated position. with linens on my lap. we love our daddy!

my mother is straight cash homie

the aquarium at mandalay bay.
hello there brandon. allow me to introduce myself. i'm heather, your wife and i love being with you.
brooks found the hour wait at the hoover dam and a can of pringles to be very relaxing.

thanks mom and dad! we loved seeing you all and can't wait for the next adventure.
ps- laurel, wish you were here. dodging h.i.v. all weekend just wasn't the same without you.


Carolyn said...

It's amazing how low our standards become the longer we are mothers....i like to believe that at some point we are all willing to risk a little airborne disease in exchange for a change of scenery and a nice rub down.

McCain Family said...

It was great letting our kids experience the black lung together. At least when they grow up they won't have to be alone in their search for the cure.
We love you guys! The pictures are great. Especially the ones with me in it.
Just kidding.

sarah jean said...

heather its your fake cousin sarah hendrickson!!! your kids are so stinkin cute. becca and i were just talking about how much we love your family and how much we miss the family reunions!!!

Broadobalds said...

Dave is doing very well for a recently returned mish. Very well indeed. Can I bring you a treat this week? I miss you. Let me know when naptime is so I can come right then.

DJCK incorporated said...

This presentation is so fun that I am totally intimidated to post any of my pictures to my blog. You are hilarious. We just marvel that we could really pull that off for such a minimum cost (Cough, cough!). Next Stop -- Hawaii. Oops -- I mean Sanibel Islands with the Lewis's

shumashuma said...

LOL looks like you enjoyed yourselves! Someday I will met you in person and see if you are as funny in real life as you are on your blog.=)

DJCK incorporated said...

Now that I read this, what long lost family were you spending QT with? This was the same cast of clowns you partied with New Year's Day when Deeb came home. So, we do the math January 3rd to Feb 19 equals 47 days! Some long lost that is! Glad to see you miss us so! We love you guys (as long as you bring Brooks along, of course). Dad (-: