Sunday, March 1, 2009

-reasons my week was probably better than yours

1. arizona in february. the weather's sooo nice & i would be in shorts had i not experienced that major catastrophe with the spray tan on my shins. nothing 2 weeks worth of showers and a determined loofah can't undo. for the most part. hopefully.

2. my new mineral makeup makes me look like courtney cox. you can't see it? just imagine her with 40 extra el bee's and an irresponsible amount of bronzer on. waaah laaah!
ok let's be honest, i'm only buying this crap so i don't feel as guilty sleeping in my makeup. and because i love coating my entire bathroom in a skin colored tint of the earth's finest natural dust. i'm sure i'll figure out the secret to using this someday. swirl, tap and buff.

3. i'm married to a sexxy man. and by sexy i mean the kind that stays home from church because he's deathly ill and happily agrees to hang with the baby all day so i can enjoy my time without the added stress. and how did i refill my bucket at the spiritual wells of church? i discussed crotch tendons and read stef's decorating magazines. can i get an AMEN.

4. breana invited us over for a night swim. watching these two year old's paddle around with their matching pot bellies was too die for. and after sharing a plate of noodles and broccoli, and a couple fights over the dancing Elmo, they cuddled up in front of the fire to dry.

5. the boys played in a plastic tub together for 25 minutes. i know the time exactly because that's what it took to take a shower, put on makeup, put in a load of laundry, fill the dishwasher, pick up the front room, read an article in InStyle, make a green smoothy and cleverly answer a couple texts. imagine what we could do with an hour?

6. loving this baby. he's happy. he's a great napper. and he's not even a little mad that i'm down to nursing him twice a day. oh yea- and he has camel eyelashes.
if your week was pretty great too, that's awesome. feel free to comment on what it was like to watch heidi and seal make love while eating fresh figs from the hills of an italian villa. :)


DJCK incorporated said...

Sorry, I meant to get on Heather's blog...and oops sorry Laurel, but I wanted to see what Heather was up to and what? You're thankful for your wonderful husband and adorable kids? Listen, Laurel, I'll be right back--but wait! Did you say crotch tendons? Okay, maybe this is Heather's blog after all! Geez was I confused......

McCain Family said...

I do love all your pictures. It's funny what little kids can find so entertaining, but believe me, I'm not complaining! If they want to sit in a box for 25 minutes so I can catch a break, then go for it!:) Love you and your flawless skin!

Tiff G. said...

Yep, pretty sure you had a better week than me b/c i lay claim to the shot crotch tendons...but at least we have mineral make-up!