Monday, March 2, 2009

-ok jenna

wanna play tough?
not only do i have a hand drawn picture of Tibby- the parakeet pictured in the zip up jammies monstrosity-

i also have this little gem of a self portrait laying in the back of a CRX on the way to Spokane:

and this too- i actually liked this guy. i thought he'd think i was funny because i was wearing velcro shoes. he didn't. maybe he couldn't get past my gorgeous hair:

but just to show off, i added these two pictures. one of the man of my sophomore year dreams and one of me with the man of my sophomore year dreams. the amazing look on my face is one of pure puberty jubilation. that picture was taken after experimenting for the first time with no doze and before a taco time braces flavored make out session after an INXS concert.

(and don't worry my sister laurel. i didn't even mention that you made out with him a couple months later. i love you too much to bring up that pink elephant).


Carl said...

Was Tibby the bird that I let fly out the back door or the one that Dave decided to give a big hug too? I can't remember after the five or six birds that we had.

ArizonaLewis said...

tibby flew away. i sat on the roof with the cage for a couple of hours. he was the one that lived in my dollhouse, used the stairs and sat on the minature couch. he's waiting to be the first to greet me in heaven.

DJCK incorporated said...

Josh's dad works in the Columbia River temple sometimes on my shift. He still is quite sure he knows most everything in the world and counsels all of us on what we are doing wrong, but I still love the big Kirby Jones (even though he was trying to tell people his name was Morgan). No wonder his son cruised K-town if both my daughters were macking with him.