Monday, March 30, 2009

- a little revealing

sometimes, having a little brother/photographer live with you is cool. i made him take some pictures of us this morning a la natural. dave has school every morning and leaves the house around the time acorn and b-nut wake up. they love being the first to see each other each day and dave loves delivering the boys to our knocked out nest.
it's our thing.
we turn on pbs, corral the crawler and try as hard as we can to get 5 more minutes of sleep.
and sometimes, when brandon decides to look at me through the messy mass of boy bedhead, i remind him that this is what heaven is going to be like.
i hope.

have i ever introduced ben? he's our other baby. and loves putting brooks in the vice grip.


Julianne said...

looks familiar.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Yellow looks good on you - I never choose yellow, but I might start looking into it. Love your pictures and can't believe I haven't hugged Ade since his blessing! Tooooo long

Steve and Shell said...

love it. we wanna hangout with you guys soon! all of you! maybe a game of twister and some pie?

Carolyn said...


rumor has it that you know of a tres leches recipe. where can i find get in on that sweet sweet knowledge?

Wagars said...

Do they have a baby ben that could tightly wraps its legs around a husband and squeeze ...just asking.

libbie said...

cute babies. great photos. you and brandon aren't too shabby either!