Tuesday, March 24, 2009

-happy 39th brandon!!

just kidding. he's only 34 but really, what's the difference?
making this day special for brandon has been the bane of my existence for over 10 years. he hates presents, goes into a diabetic coma with cake and is super sucky at telling me what he wants to do on his big day. however- every year we seem to pull it off and this year's no exception.

friday was his "guys" night which included a bromance movie, a lot of caffeine and gaming (3 out of 3 things i could never give him unless i shared some of my roll pack).

saturday was full of church responsibilities for the both of us so we saved the fun for sunday night. and can i just say, it was the best sunday night of my life. there is nothing better than laying under blankets on the grass with a belly full of swiss cheese and mushroom burger, laughing at stories i would only repeat if i were willing to lose friendships. (your welcome thera and jenna).

take that you damned recession. brandon may not have gotten the gun or other cool shwagg i wanted to buy him but looking up at the stars while telling fart stories and experiences with a sex crazed ghost was FrEE!

he did get one cool present. a tent for me to play with in the backyard with brooks. isn't that how it works?

best buds baby ade and uncle dave.

for legal purposes, i am not allowed to reveal the identity of this extremely flexible man. or the hole in his pants.

thera and brian. my ugliest friends.

non-gay man cuddling

amazing + amazing + my gross feet= this picture

jenna and sir calvin

after 3 tries, we finally got an open eyed picture


Lucrecia said...

Whoa, I really thought Brandon was 39 for a minute! Not like that's a bad thing or anything:) I think his birthday sounds nice. I'll probably be sitting on the grass for my birthday too, dang it!

McCain Family said...

Happy Birthday, Brandon!!!!!!!!!!! Since you said you can't share the stories that you heard, it makes me want to hear them even more! They must be great.
Love ya!

Meghan and Trevor said...

Looks like a fun time. You look great! Your boys are getting so big! What a great idea to have a camp out.
Miss you! Happy Birthday to Brandon

Meghan and Trevor said...
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Carolyn said...

how dreamy!

what care free friends you have. I'm trying to picture any of our couple friends being down with lying on the grass at a party with no sugar....Props for turning lame into awesome. All you need is a little sex talk and some flexible men.