Tuesday, March 3, 2009

-snip snip

dear zac,
i love you. even though you're not Heather. and won't kiss me. and peel out in filberto's parking lot. and think it's gross to cut your own bangs with sewing scissors. and won't let me be blond.
the other Heather

dear ade,
thanks for being such a good baby today. even though i wouldn't let you crawl around on the hairy floor. and made you listen to stories about nude photos. and talked about how fat you made my body.

for a good time call zac watson @ dolce salon. 480-722-0500

dear heather-
sorry you weren't here. and that i've stolen your identity. and someday zac's heart.
the creepy fat version of you


Broadobalds said...

Hey--I like to peel out at Filibertos too! I love this Zac. Even if his American Dolls collection is a bit lacking. He's still hot as hell.

Audrey Hunsdon Call said...

hev, this is strange...i tried calling him and they said he doesn't come to scottsdale anymore. say it isn't so?

ArizonaLewis said...

he's always at the arrowhead dolce but has a certain day set aside every couple of weeks at the borgata.
i'll pass along the message so he can punch the girl answering phones in her dirty mouth.