Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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looky what i found. (posted below and above because i was having waaaay too hard of a time figuring out how to make the freaking thing PLAY).
per instructions in the tag from my sister, i'm posting the 4th item in my 4th photos folder. before babies, i did a morning show in radio and was hoping to expand a little into television. however, the adventure only went as far as recording 3 promo's for a make believe network with gigantic dallas hair and a bloated 7 month pregnant body. needless to say, watching these reminds me of the blazing hot stage lights and the taste of doritos/barf in the back of my throat.
when the time is right (aka when i lose 20lbs) i may stretch these media wings again and see if i can upgrade to a spot on usa or spike tv. :)

ps- to answer some of your questions:
yes- i was on the edge 103.9's morning ritual
no- i didn't make money
yes- i quit because i wanted to be home with my babies
will i go back?- only if i don't have to wake up at 3:30am, work around egomaniacs, or see rise against in concert again.

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Kat said...

So- I've been having a few thoughts about the radio here... You know that I'm not a huge music buff- nor did I think that I was the biggest radio fan, BUT I have noticed- the radio here SUCKS. Every staion plays songs from the early to mid 90s. Celine, chicago, ace of base, shania, etc etc. Scott and were in the car yesterday, listening to the equivalent of 104.7, when some song from 10 years ago came on. We looked at each other in shock and then continued to talk about how we noticed the radio was so messed up and all the weird songs they play and re-play.
OK, enough of that. It's just weird- along with a lot of other things up here.
Hope you guys are doing well! Brooks is dang cute.. I can't believe he is 2.5, and Ade- what a cutie. His eyes are adorable. Talk to you later