Sunday, March 15, 2009

-pink paper house in the sky

so jonelle planned a night out in old town scottsdale to show her 24 year old sister, visiting from indiana, how the big city folk like to get down. but then 24 year old went to the hospital with either mono or organic food overload and opted to pass on the clubbing extravaganza. so what did the remaining friends of older sister in their 30's do? sucked in their baby bellies, spackled on the under eye concealer and threw the car seats in the garage. the evening would not be wasted.

This was actually a very educational experience for me. Seeing as i haven't been "out" in a while, i realized there are many advantages that come with my never needing to be checked age on my i.d. :
1. when the d.j. tells the crowd to put their damn hands up, you can respectfully decline. "i don't want to" i told myself. "i'm not sure what the purpose is of such a position". shenanigans.

2. i'm not jealous of skinny young girls because they don't know how to dress. seriously. i had nooo idea the dress code for 21-26 year olds was a tight black tube dress from charlotte rouse and turquoise eyeshadow. where's the fun in that? 2 words- skinny jeans. wear them before you get to the stage where you stand in front of a mirror convincing yourself that no one will notice the muffin top with the billowy blouse.

3. 12am is very late. just like when i was a child, i'm realizing that really anything after 9 is a crap shoot. i'm tired, i want my shoes off and the only thing that sounds good to eat is an ice cream sundae. which, by the way, would look bizarre amongst the tube dresses.

there you go. i'm old. i love sweat pants. dessert is more important than kanye's lyrics. and i may weigh a little more than my old i.d. reports. so wave em like you just don't care.

tempa and jonelle. audrey left before the clubs because she was scared and smart.

in other news:

it's spring and amazing and warm and beautiful.

brooks is still my baby. may we never grow out of kissing on the lips or make believe bedtime stories. never ever.

i babysat this week. and it didn't suck. my friends know how i feel about this so they never ask. i returned the favor to julianne and spent an afternoon watching brooks learn about superheroes, how to scowl when throwing a ball and what a naughty word is.

this pickle is 7 months old. i think i have to retire the excuse "but i just had a baby!" back to making the bed and sniff testing the expired milk.


Julianne said...

Sorry for the naughty word, Mike takes credit for that. Thanks, my hair is everyhting I dreamed it would be. Tyler asked to play at Brook's house all day Friday, Saturday, and once today. What can I say he loves you guys.

Carl said...

Your post made me laugh cause I have this vision on you standing in the back of a club while eating an ice cream sundae.

"If I put my damn hands up, I'll spill my sundae."

I also have a terrible day if I try and stay up past 12 anymore as well. That is unless I am playing an intense game of Call of Duty. Then I can stay up till 3 and I am fine the next day.

Nichole said...

Why is it that I am no longer in my 20's and I still don't know how to dress?? What exactly is wrong with a black tube top?

ArizonaLewis said...

it's just that there are soooo many better options.