Tuesday, February 3, 2009


besides nothing, here's-
5 good things about the Superbore:
1. i like kurt warner's peppered hair and i want to lick his big white teeth.
2. dueling crockpots full of cocktail weiners
3. chats about running, fertility, moving, hair, babies, nyc and dave's dating career
4. brooks and calvin finally finding something to do even if it was playing in a dog cage
5. suffering through an evening to earn our girls oscar's party. we'll make sure it's just as fun for the guys- returning the favor. wink.
-and one more for free-
6. watching cory and jordan embrace in the gayest hug ever after a cardinal's touchdown.

wow. don't they look like a ball of fun?

here's our spousal support.

ok. i'll be honest. there are too many comments to make about this picture however, they are way too inappropriate for even my standards. i'd love to hear any of your suggestions in the comment section. please, hold nothing back, jenna.


Carl said...

Why does one of the guys in the "man" picture look like he is holding a wooden sword? I would hate to be the person sitting next to him when Santonio Holmes caught that last catch!

McCain Family said...

Is it bad that I thought it was a pretty exciting game? Does that make you not like me? What if I told you I agree with the Kurt Warner comment...would that make up for my masculine ways? Because I totally agree with the Kurt Warner comment.
Okay, I'm done. Love you!
And I have nothing to say about that last picture except for that weinie looks delicious....what? I'm hungry!

ArizonaLewis said...

yes. the game was action packed. but guess what? who cares?
still, a boring event.
i like you no matter what. unless you start listening to creed.

Lucrecia said...

In the last picture Jenna looks like she's making a comparison? Or maybe she's seen it before? Is she? Has she?

Broadobalds said...

Wow. Your comment on my blog really made me wet my knickers. So then I came to your blog to tell you how funny you are. And then I read this post. And then I re-wet my knickers. So here I am---hoping I have a dry pair of knickers for tonight and probably a panty liner.

libbie said...

i opted out of superbore sunday this year. i spent my day at the movie Fee-Ater. It was a much better time.

DJCK incorporated said...

I, for one, find it incredible that the youngest brother would last longer than 15 minutes at watching a football game. He must have been really bored. Now if you have a photo where everyone was watching the game and he was crawling around looking for spare change or popsicle sticks, that would be our DB.