Thursday, May 28, 2009

-sick week

ever heard of hand-foot-mouth disease? this creatively named illness has taken over baby #2 and is creeping towards baby #1. cranky babies are oh so sweet but very demanding and draining (see previous post). so for the rest of the week, we're home.

convenient that sick week also happens to be "spend no money for a week" week.
i got my new camera.
i promised brandon i'd eat PB&J's for the rest of my life to cut expenses so we could afford sweet Nikki (i just named her). hope he doesn't realize my trickery because i've been eating nothing but peanut m&m's and nasty lime diet pepsi for the last week anyways.
so today we're hanging out on the couch with sippies full of milk
and Wall-E on repeat-
yes, you caught me- an old long hair picture. still figuring out the new camera.

we're indoor sand boxing-

and slipping on a slide-

but mostly- we're apologizing if any of these fellow nappies or pappies that may feel a slight queasiness from their leg-arm-torso-head exposure last weekend.
sometimes the tres leches is worth catching a lewis epidemic.

ps- teamboo, i still owe you the recipe however..... one of the ingredients may involve going to food city and requesting a bottle from behind the locked glass with a picture of the virgin mary on the label. are you really ready?


Tiff G. said...

Oh poor, little fellas, hope they get better soon! And poor B, your farts have got to be wicked with just eating pb&j's and nasty lime diet p :)

Lucrecia said...

M&M's and Pepsi? What's all this talk about losing your baby buldge? If you can eat that for a week and still look like you do then that's not even fair! Sorry for your little punkins. I hope everyone feels well soon. Infact, maybe I should come over. I'm just a stomach flu away from being at my goal weight ;)

ahc said...

hev.let the picture taking begin:)