Sunday, May 10, 2009

-pretty ugly

happy birthday dinner for jamie, jordan and tom (even though he was absent). the 6 course rustic italian with a private chef in a restaurant to ourselves would have been perfect if the burnbents were there and had we chosen to exercise a little restraint in the porking out department. the only thing more humiliating than noticing your gut spilling over your $13 XXI grey skinny jeans would be posing for pictures that you know are going to be posted on the world wide web. friends, you are the best.

Before and After Gallery

by Heather Lewis:



jamie & claw





yours truly


DJCK incorporated said...

So now you're hanging out with Sandra Bullock? Or is that Jamie? Wow, pretty close.

brian and thera tolman said...

It's even worse looking at it the second time around! Thanks Heather :)

brian and thera tolman said...
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Broadobalds said...

How come all my before pictures always look like afters?

See you tonight.