Sunday, November 8, 2009

-tis the season

and the reward for the worst mother of the week goes to................
i've been calling it in this week.
the boys are starting to play together so leaving the house isn't so urgent but along with all the play comes fists of fury to the chest and a lot of biting.
and i'm tired.
priscilla and i are on a mission to leave shards of our skin all over phoenix's south mountain so waking up at 4:40am to make sure we're running the terrain in pitch black increases our chances of falling- and bleeding all over the blessed desert.
(in reality- we have to be home in time for the men to leave for work and to catch a shower before the babies awake and chaos ensues). i feel better than ever and have seen some of the most amazing sunrises of my life. but holy jeez- i'm tired.

and then there's all the work i've bitten off. i'm up to my ears in gorgeous photos to edit, post, wipe their noses and send to the appropriate parties. this past weekend was scottsdale fashion week and i've got a gut full of kate spade, barney's and other amazingness to digest.

the holiday photos rush has hit. i'm so very happy.
i love taking pictures.
i love being busy.
and i love feeling a little bit more alive this year.
check out the photo blog for proof of what's keeping me from teaching my children the sounds of the alphabet and how to stop crapping in their diapers.
here's a preview:

ps- i have a couple spots left open for family photos and such to be completed in time for the holidays. let me know if you're interested.


Jamie said...

The last one with the sun behind her is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

omg. you are such an amazing photog.

Brooke said...

And here I thought I was getting the worst mother award this week... oh well. I'm sure I'll qualify next week, too. Too bad I'm not doing super-cool photography and running my butt off like you... my stress is from frumpy, mundane stuff like homework and keeping the house clean for selling in the 4 days I'm home, then flying around the country serving rude people Cokes and trying not to catch Swine Flu and bring it home to my sweet kids.

I think it's pretty freakin' amazing that you're living out your dreams with photography- you are SO talented!!