Saturday, December 12, 2009

-another glittery post

here's another "*amazeballs" house i was honored to decorate this holiday season.
the home is soooo incredibly beautiful so i had to make big statements in a few areas.
follow me if you please:

this room had at least 20ft ceilings.
so i took a 12ft tree and added a couple more feet.
i also jazzed up the mantel and fireplace a bit but forgot to take a full impact picture.
(oh my gosh. did i just say "jazzed"? i hate myself)
my FAVORITE thing was the furry sheepskin covered hearth.
so arizona wintery.

the tree topper was made with natural tree sticks, gilded cherries and a halo of shiny gold ferns.

there were 14 long wall sconces that needed a little cheer so i bundled them with more of the natural sticks and some holiday ribbon. just enough to warm things up without distracting from the abundance of gorgeous decor.
i also hung dozens of white sparkley snowflakes from the entry way chandelier with fishing line.

this is one of the many enormous arrangements i made.
more branches with natural add-ins from the floral department all anchored in a vase of rice.

and my personal favorite:
turning the pot hooks into a kitchen ornament chandelier.
it makes the room.
i just added a couple of metal lanterns and a beaded runner to finish off the kitchen.

whoa- round 2 of interior decor posting.
how are we doing?
as a reward for reading through this entire boring thing i'll tell you 2 amazing things about myself:
1.) i once had two small green ripening cherries stuck up my nose. so stuck that as a 14 year old girl, i got the panic sweats and started to cry. wish i could remember how i got them out. that information might be useful to someone.
2.) i love mayo more than chocolate.

you're welcome.

*amazeballs- credit audrey call. it has been fully incorporated into my vocab. i honestly can't stop saying it.


Anonymous said...

Love the house, and I LOVE your decorating technique and style. You rock, and therefore, I will not hate when you use "amazeballs"

McCain Family said...

IT really does look so good. How fun for you!

Sara said...

I love that kitchen ornament chandelier!

And I want to cover my house in snowflakes now. I made my mom wait to decorate the tree at my parents' house until I get there.

That is the law.

P.S. You know I love you, but mayo and I are mortal enemies, so we'll just never talk about this again.

Sara said...

P.S. I love me that new header of yours.

Could you make your kids look less cute?

My uterus gets jealous.