Friday, January 23, 2009

oh utah. that magical world where everyone sighs in relief because their 20 year old niece got married before her eggs rotted, 6

everyone has an aunt over the age of 100, 6

grandma's show off their sledding skills 6

grandpa's teach their arizona grandchild the art of tossing snowballs (even if their groin becomes the main target), 6 and

the bucket of 1970's toys is bottomless .6

and since i was way too relaxed with my photo documenting, i decided that reenacting the highlights of the trip with fisher price people seemed to be the most accurate portrayal of the weekend. enjoy!

here we are. enjoying an afternoon on the merry-go-round.

and here's how each day ended. brando and brooks happily snuggled together, ade nursing for hours on end and me. me with my big ol' butt hanging off the bed but a smile on my face because the boys are asleep at the same time & i'm wearing my cowboy hat in bed. yee haw

we loved hanging out with the newly byu employed little bro and fam. and it was nothing shy of amazing because they know the best places to get coconut curry thai soup and all you can eat french toast. see, utah does have culture.

and then there were my in laws. what a competitive bunch of creatures. throwing out trhyme answers, baking some hardcore potato casseroles and laughing at anything and everything jason did. where did brandon come from?

introducing brooks to his first taste of winter sports was a treat.

until he realized that falling off the sled into the snow was all part of the fun. now he loves the cold as much as his mom.

but let us not neglect the best part of being with family. with grandma on hand to babysit, i Finally got my much needed 15 minutes of alone time. yes. taking a poop by myself- daily- was one of the highlights of the trip. jealous?

and although irrelevant, i had to include a picture of the "black mans" brooks insisted on taking a nap together during the photo shoot. woot woot.


McCain Family said...

FINALLY! We have been patiently waiting for these pictures, and they did not disappoint. Carl is still a little upset that he is so massive in our picture, but at least he is not a gorilla.
Love you guys! Can't wait 'til Vegas!

Lucrecia said...

Whoa, hold up! Why do you have a picture of Aunt Iris on your blog??? She is Brook's 100 year old Aunt. Are we related???

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Yeah, you posted pictures. Did you ever get the "award" I gave you? Love you

ArizonaLewis said...

brandon's grandma is frances parrish barlow, iris' little sister.
how funny!

yes, thanks for the award! everyone else that got them from you are really talented homemakers. i'm happy my potty humor still makes your list. love you too.

dev- vegas! vegas!

Broadobalds said...

Remember how we get to see each other today? I do! I do!

Carol said...

Hey Heather, it was great to see you guys! Cute pictures...not so sure about the creature depicting David, but pretty funny just the same.

Nichole said...

I always knew I was married to a big ape!! Just remember you married into the family too! LOL.. Now that I have started a blog maybe we can keep in touch better.