Saturday, June 19, 2010


dear dad,

thanks for the blue eyes, confidence in front of large crowds, need for loud music, edgy sense of humor, love of writing, interest in photography and intense appreciation for the simple things like- laying in the grass, eating off the grill, sitting by a campfire and back tickles.

thank you for always encouraging, cheering, corralling and forcing me to try and not give up.

i'm so lucky to have a dad that made life colorful by blaring james brown early in the morning during the paper route, buying fresh oysters that ended up getting puked all over the boardwalk and telling jokes that made us fall out of our dining room chairs.

i'll never forget the love you showed me when you brought me orange juice and powered donuts between tournament basketball games, offered me a blessing every year before school started and made up a special verse of "the way you look tonight" to sing to me at my wedding reception.

and more than anything, thanks dad for loving my babies too. they're so lucky to have a grandpa that will sing them to sleep, send them special postcards and take them to feed the ducks.

i love you very much.

look what else i found in the duck pond folder:
eyelashes, snot and popsicle stains

brooks and phoebe


1 Funky Woman said...

Ok wheres the kleenex? I'm sitting here all blurry eyed because of the tears coming down! What a fantastic thank you to your dad for Father's Day!

Love the snot, those really are the best pictures and could he be any cuter holding that creature! What is that anyway? Guinea Pig right?

DJCK incorporated said...

Thanks Hev. I appreciate the fact that you can remember all the good things. One of my favorite memories was telling your coach that he was an absolute idiot for cutting you before the senior year season, then when he reinstated you he started you every game!

Priscilla said...

Im adopting your boys!! Love them!