Monday, November 22, 2010

-the mormon inside rears it's head

i got a little cutesy this year with breana's birthday.
brea is brooks's best friend.
always has been.
i had a couple of ideas for her gift this year but when the right one hit me- it made me tear up.
i had this little idea of making brooks and breana dolls with velcro hands.
so even when she feels too old to play with dolls, she'll still have these as keepsakes.
i drew up the patterns and went for it.
and i had tears the whole time i did it.
they're perfectly imperfect.

there's also a fran (brea's cat)

we love our little breana.

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Shuggilippo said...

I know I tell you to shut up in practically every comment, but SHUT. UP! (Plus, I'm sort of bossy and overbearing like that, you'll deal with it and love it. ::fist shake::)

Um, cue Nugget finding a girl best friend and me stealing this idea. Or maybe when he gets married in 75 years, I'll reference the computer chip in my left elbow as a reminder.