Tuesday, November 2, 2010

-skate and destroy

this one time i was pulling into the neighborhood and i saw audrey on her son's skateboard.
i said "hey. i wanna do that."
shortly after, she text me an invite to shred down at the park.
i felt so cool, so hip and to avoid acting overly excited, i turned her down.
we rescheduled for that night, because all of the real awesome skate tuffs roll at night.
(and because that's the only time our husbands could be home to babysit and it would be harder for others to see our wipe outs).
it was the best, best, best.
and then like the good suburban housewives we are, we capped our gnarly night off with lavender soda, some minty kombucha and a tub of gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

this was my first time and audrey's 4th and a half time.

sk8 L8 from heather Lewis on Vimeo.


The Stars at Night...Deep in the Heart of Texas said...


If you get a sec would you email me the song you played on this video (which btw is excellent). Gracias, and hope your doing well, enjoying the lovely AZ weather now that the I want to kill myself and all my clothing months are over.


ahc said...

i just got home from the longest day ever.
this made my day.

Steve and Shell said...

i love kambucha. and you.

Adam Thinks said...

This put a smile on my face!

MaryPosa said...

Things I love about this:

The oh so stylish bandanna
The song (could you share the name & artist please?)
The all around awesomeness.
And I may have a very small crush on your arm muscles. :)

brian and thera tolman said...

So fun! Glad there were no injuries. I had not one but two trips to the emergency room in one year from skateboarding injuries ...yeah I'm pretty coordinated.