Monday, December 20, 2010

-another day

a couple of things that i need to remember about today:
- a woman stopped me at the store and told me that ade looks EXACTLY like ricky martin.
- brooks told me that dads are more fun than moms because dads "don't take a lot of photo shoots"
- ade barfed carrots, chocolate syrup and blueberry soda all over the front bathroom but then sang "away in a manger" in the shower while i cleaned it up.
- i discovered the smoke house at whole foods. i have 6lbs of medium rare grilled steak in my fridge. our tacos tonight were incrediballs.
- brandon looked rad in his levi's.
- i listened to "dog days are over" by florence + the machine 7 times.
- i found running shoes AND trail shoes today on sale at Sole sports and my sales guy's name was flash.
- i discovered a new videographer to obsess over.
- i got to talk to my big brother.
- brooks blessed the stray cat in my parent's neighborhood in his prayers.
- i saw my closet floor for the first time in 3 months.
- my pubic bone still feels cracked when i'm running.
- kerri posted this message on my facebook page: "you missed the best tea party this morning. Judd made strawberry popovers and Fritz and I made daisy chains and embroidered handkerchiefs."
- she may have been referring to santa's gifts to the boys.
- brooks has been devouring his new human body book- asking me questions like "are brains squishy or hard?"
- i caught brandon glued to harry potter. again. i think i've finally converted him.
- i finally listened to pandora on my blackberry. jayZ this morning.
- a package from my sister arrived.
- lew and i plowed through victoria's platters of gluten free happy heather christmas treats.
- brooks told ade he has a motor cycle in his bummy.
-landon stopped by and told brooks that he needs to tell his mom to take him to the park after we go to costco. we love that knuck.
- ade told me he needed hot tea.
- the boys wrestled like squirrels.


ahc said...

love this list.
love you.

Shuggilippo said...

I agree with Audrey. There's not a shred of this list that isn't pure love. xoxo

LuLu said...

That all sounds freaking fabuloso! Especially the motorcycle in his bummy, ha!

Wagars said...

Typical day. nbd