Monday, December 6, 2010

-deck the halls

good news this week- decorating for christmas party #1 wrapped.
gooder news this week- mariah was in town for decorated party.
goodest news this week- party with decorations had a salsa bar. holy guacamole. you have no idea.
i was so exhausted by the time the client's guests started arriving- mariah had to smack me around a bit to get me to hurry up and take some pictures.
the TWELVE FOOT WHITE TREE was my achilles tendon.
it was large, spacey and large.
defeated until somehow rotated 45 degrees (without my knowing) to expose it's less showpiecey angles. curses, spoiled again.

this tree is mother's favorite child.
somewhere in that dark corner are pussy willow branches, pheasant feathers, sprigs of gold dush, grapevines and hydrangea clusters.
i've never known a love like this before.

fresh wintery floral arrangements by my new favorite florist:
mrs. g's floral design.
(aka jonelle)

and then there was a salsa bar.

so happy it all pulled together at the last hour.
and having mariah there as a witness to my completely random life made it that much merrier.


Wagars said...

You do have a completely random life. Amazing, but random. LOVED hanging out with you. Probably wouldn't have come home but your kids reminded me of my kids (Dave even reminded me of Blake :) Got me some Kombucha last night. Can't wait to drink that diesel fuel. The things you get me to do ...

ahc said...

the finished product looks great lew:)
sad that the bird flu kept me from that salsa business.

Nielsens said...

your decorating is ahhhhmazing. and i really really want your shoes in the top pic. :) happy holidays!

DJCK incorporated said...

How big was the ladder you had to use to hang those ornaments? Knowing your own house, I presume you were way up there. Wow. Flower, trees, golden fruit, meh. Let's talk about those salsas............PS. Great job.

Sara said...

I think most events are completed when a salsa bar is put into place.

I'll have to remember that for my wedding...

LuLu said...

Holy wow! Totally amazing. Again! I never want you to see my tree, okay?

Phill and Jessica said...

Yay! You opened your blog again! I was pretty sad when it said it was private, since I am pretty much a blog stalker. And just in time because this Christmas stuff you do is AMAZING and I stalk your blog more than ever this time of year! You have the most entertaining blog around. Don't ever block it again! :)

Emily said...

Hey Heather. Blog stalking people today and had to ask about your amazing black pants. Care to share where you got them? Mariah looks great, too!

ArizonaLewis said...

hi emily.
the pants are BCBG.
long enough finally!