Tuesday, July 26, 2011

-and they called the wind fri

i lied.
i did one photo shoot in kennewick.
but only because she made me.
and isn't it funny that every time i pick up the camera i get all excited again?
maybe to make photography fun again i just need someone to handle the business/scheduling/money side of my life.
mariah is my longest friend.
i've always felt that our friendship was such a success because we're so different (she's responsible, mature and well mannered. i'm not).
but whenever i do get to see her (8-10 days a year) all we're doing is laughing at our own jokes, embarrassing our husbands with old cheer routines and craving the same crappy food. she feels like home. she loves me for me. and she's the kind of friend that tells me i'm a complete idiot when i'm acting like a complete idiot.
congrats mariah for being such a work horse, marrying one of my favorite guys on the planet and birthing 3 sweet kids. i love you 5.


megan said...

If you're hiring for that position, I'll apply!

Wagars said...

Thanks Fern. You make me sound like a better person than I probably am. Love you bunches.


teakroy said...

Great pictures !Awesome