Saturday, July 16, 2011

-i got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one

doll found here

i went to see harry potter last night.
so i didn't have to answer any questions from those that chose not to read the books.
i cried 4 times.
and had to undo my belt and pants because i had to pee so badly but refused to get up and go.
and i played with the idea of wearing Depends to future similar occasions.
i really did think about it.

mischief managed.


DJCK incorporated said...

Maybe reading the books is a chore that can be delegated?

Jess said...

This. Alls of this.

Pepper Lovin! said...

Cracking up right now. My sisters hubs went with his fam and he is the ONLY one to read the books. So we went together at midnight. We both bawled like babies (alan went with my parents and admitted to crying :) LOVE those books and movies. So sad it's over. We both went in sweats thankfully or we would have had to get up and relieved ourselves as well. Hoping hunger games does a decent job with the movies so I have something to look forward to.

MaryPosa said...

I went with my husband who (thankfully) did read all the books, but chose not to dress up with me. Which is fine, because then I can use the movie tickets I got for winning the costume contest all by myself. (Ha!)

I always feel a sort of kinship to those who truly appreciate such important things.

Wagars said...

Going tonight with your momma! We'll eat some popcorn in your honor :)