Saturday, August 20, 2011

-good bye virtual friends.

we're moving.
everyone in my everyday life is so sick of hearing about it.
we've been working hard on our exit for about 9 months and now in less than a week- we'll be gone.
we moved to arizona 10 years ago from nyc. brandon worked as a loan officer back then and gave me the opportunity to explore every job/degree/hobby/social circle that this place had to offer. i think i did just about everything maricopa county.
we've loved our life here.
my top 5 favorite things about living here:
1-running south mountain before the sun is up
2-raising my babies with a weekly visit to the small and perfect phoenix zoo
3-irreplaceable friends and neighbors
4-taking pictures of trusting people from the desert to a small pasture. and all of my favorite little towns off the 17.
5-my collection of beautiful and delicious restaurants throughout the valley.

i don't know if that's the ultimate top 5 but it's a handful of things that immediately came to mind when i thought about what i would really miss.
brandon's job is taking us back to the east coast but this time we're headed to the south.
it'll be the first time i've lived by the beach. i can hardly wait.
i've decided that along with my residency in this great state- this blog will end as i cross the state line in our big move.
i'm keeping my name "arizona lewis" for photography purposes and will continue to update my photo blog HERE.
but the details of our personal lives are going somewhere else.
we're ready for a fresh start with a more directed purpose, some fine tuned priorities and an abundance of adventures that will bring us closer as a family.

thanks for all of the comments and support on this blog.
i'll miss "y'all" but it's time to go live happily ever after- with a life full of love and days in the sand.


cat said...

well i hope its not awkward for you that i just teared up when i read that you're ending your blog! i love you and your stories about your family! have fun with the move and PLEASE text me your new address.. 4803293170

Kelly Mo said...

Godspeed, sweet friend. You will be missed.

buddens said...

so sad! but so awesome that you get to move to the east coast! we actually just moved back west from the east coast after living there for 10 years. and i SO miss it! i feel like it's good, but i'm secretly hoping that the east coast is in our futures again! good luck!

prettybaby said...

awe! i love your posts! i don't know you but i sorta know you, you know? no? ok, i don't know. but i will still miss ur hilarity & wisdom. best wishes xx

Britt Hunter said...

And days in the sand (sigh). Gonna miss you and your blog. Big time. Thanks for the photos you took for me. Your talent is immense...not to mention your fantabulous personality. Love you, girl. xxoo

ArizonaLewis said...

oh man. thank you all for your sweet comments. from my phoenix friends (cat, kel and britt) to my blog friends (buddens and prettybaby)- you've all had a unique way of making me feel good about myself. xox

LuLu said...

For realsies??? I love it! I love it! I love it! I'm calling you tomorrow:-)

Carl said...

Why does it feel like I just read a virtual suicide note?

Taylor K said...

Have fun, drive safe, good luck and I will miss your blog!

MaryPosa said...

I took a few months hiatus from the Internet and come back to this? Aw dang. I will miss your blog, but I promise if you make an appearance in another one of my nutso dreams, i'll send you an e-mail.

Good luck on your adventure!

The Baum Squad said...

well crap. i enjoyed it while it lasted. maybe rethink it?

Sara said...

Wait, like forever?

And where are you going? Is there cable there? Do they bathe? Are there cockroaches or water bugs?

Missed you by that much...


Sorry, that kind of language is unnecessary and unbecoming of a lady. I mean you, not me.

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