Monday, August 15, 2011

-quick post with not enough detail.

brandon went out of town.
so i drove the boys to disneyland.
i'm spontaneous like that.
and my mom took care of the hotel.
and she was going to be there with carl's family anyways.
and because i've decided that i LOVE disneyland.

it was such a fun trip.
we didn't get to share a suite with my family but we did get to have a place by ourselves!
we loved it! pizza in bed, heading to the free public breakfast in our jammies and photo shoots directed by THIS 4 year old:

these are my favorite- (he told ade to "be dead")

and disneyland really is the best with your sweet little utah cousin!!!
i didn't get one stinking picture of my mom AKA sugar momma carol AKA nostalgic nancy.
but here's the rest of us in our bug's life glasses- my favorite part of DCA.
and you really can't spend the day together without matching shirts. that would be unrighteous.

on our last day we stayed until 11. brooks was the biggest boy and did back to back rides on splash mountain with me, grandma and uncle carl. we were SO proud of himself. thanks devin for taking the little nuggets on the winnie the pooh ride 6 times while we gave brooks the amazing feeling of having your stomach rise up into your throat. it was top 5 moments in my life.
and then ade fell asleep eating a churro.
and i made him pee into a bottle at the bus stop the day before.
and the kids loved the haunted mansion and pirates.
and ade fell on some lady's head while watching the beauty and the beast play.
and i ate gluten free all over the place. (Dland had pizza AND burgers for me!)
and my mom's the best. she makes disneyland even more magical.
and lots more.


Taylor Morgan said...

I love that you randomly took them there! SO fun! you win best mom award! I want to go to dland!!

prettybaby said...

geez! now that's spontaneity! and here i thought i was so cool when i thru down my laundry to proclaim, "forget foldin' this, let's go in the sprinkler!"


McCain Family said...

We loved it and had so much fun. Let's do it again! So many good memories.

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