Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lesbians RULE!!

So. I finally got out of the house. As I scraped my bloated body off the couch and peeled away the layers of leisure wear, I realized how dearly I miss eyeliner and patent leather heals. On deciding where to go, the girls and I focused on the main source of attraction- cheeseburgers. We spent the evening at AZ 88- a hip and delicious place in Scottsdale known not only for it's amazing menu but also for it's 100% GAY-tastic crowd. We had a table in the corner- right next to the bar- so we had a perfect view of the muscle-y, gorgeous, tan men in tight shirts flirt with eachother over pink cosmos. Nearly as entertaining as the potato chips covered in hot sauce and melted blue cheese (so weird). And let's not forget the best part of the evening, never a line in the Lady's Room.

Priscilla, me and Tempa- pre Sausage Fest

3 pregnant women, a George Michael soundtrack and 1 giant nude bra

"Jonelle and I would like to thank our donor. When's the next softball game?"


libbie said...

its good to see you're blogging it up again. and yes, lesbians do rule. i once went to a gay bar in waikiki with a bunch of girlfriends. we didn't want to feel left out, so we pretended we were lesbian couples. it was hot.

My Three Sons said...

You look great! When are you due?

Tiffany Toronto said...

You make me so jealous...you still look like you are hardly showing!